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Hot Bodies TCXX Review by Atsushi Hara

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The new 1/10 Hot Bodies TCXX touring car is a significantly new design compared to the old TCX. Here is a video of world champion Atsushi Hara giving a review of the changes.

HB TCXX RC Car Review

What Atsushi Hara said in the video, more or less.

RC Touring Cars HotBodies TCXX

Photo credit: Hot Bodies

  • Narrow chassis. Less touch on the ground. Tried super super narrow chassis one time, but feeling like something weird. Maybe too much deep roll or weight balance too much inside. If too wide not good, too narrow no good. I think this 89mm I think kinda best for chassis.
  • Option chassis. Same outside design, outline the same, but no holes inside. With hole 2.5mm. And option no hole type is harder but we make thinner, 2.25mm. Chassis a little bit more stable. Depends on driving style.
  • Top Deck. More natural, more straight, narrow. More natural flex for the chassis. Now always use same type of top deck for any track. High bite, low bite, medium bite. Easy to put electronics go more inside.
  • Steering. New longer link steering block. 10% more steering throw. More ackermann changes is more natural. Initial less change but the end kind of quick change in ackermann. That's why it is really feeling good on the track.
  • New Rear Gear Diff. We have many many runs 20, 30, 40 batteries. No maintenance but still oil never came off.
  • New Motor Mount. Mainly motor position changed. It's more outside 2.5mm. Front to back same position. I think more outside motor mount can make more deep roll. You can use TCX motor mount. Simple change but on the track it's different.
  • New Suspension Block. The suspension block we make separate type. Can make more nice flex front and rear. Start one piece front and separate piece rear. And if you need more steering you can change to the separate piece on front.


Photo credit: RCFans

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