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GP Recyko Batteries RC Car Body Contest

Winning RC Car Body in the GP Recyko Batteries Contest

The original contest was a drawing contest for an rc car body with the theme "GP Recyko" battery. I thought about it, and below was my winning entry.

Recyko rc car body drawing

Then was told by contest organizer that I had to actually build an rc car similar to the drawing above. Lot's of people had doubts, and rightfully so, that I could emulate the drawing given the wheels looked like batteries.

GP Recyko RC Car Body

Well I tried my best and above was the result. Hope you like it. The tires were painted light green with white sidewall tires. The silver part is a coke cap so I can actually screw it to the wheels.

Side view of the GP Recyko rc theme car.

Recyko battery rc car body theme

Hope you like it. Thanks to Chris Kho for the beautiful pictures.

Recyko batteries for tailights

The End!

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