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Introduction to gas powered rc cars, nitro trucks, and monster trucks.

About Gas " Nitro " RC Cars

Gas or nitro rc cars provide realism and speed, and is recommended for experienced hobbyist who want to experience something different from electric cars. The most popular gas cars today are the cheap and fast nitro touring cars, and BIG monster nitro rc trucks!

1/10th Scale Gas Touring Cars

Picture of gas touring car.These are similar to electric touring cars, but with more power and 2-speed transmission. At 190mm, these cars are slightly narrower and smaller than the 200mm models. 

These cars are tamer in performance as compared to 1/8th scale on-road gas, but still capable of speeds in excess of 50mph.

Performance at the track is similar to their electric counterparts. At twisty turns, electrics are usually faster. However, the 2-speed transmission allows gas touring cars to achieve higher top speeds.

Below are reviews of popular gas touring cars... enjoy!
Nitro TC3 Gas Car Review Team Associated Nitro TC3
Engine: Force .12
Speed: 40 mph
Scale: 1/10th Gas Touring
OFNA LD3 Gas Car Review OFNA LD3 RTR
Engine: Force .12
Speed: 40 mph
Scale: 1/10th Gas Touring

OFNA Nitro Z10 Gas Car Review

OFNA Nitro Z10 RTR
Engine: .12 OFNA Pull Start
Speed: 40+ mph
Scale: 1/10th Gas Touring

OFNA OB4 Nitro RTR nitro touring

OFNA Mercedes

NEO Nitro Razor nitro touring

1/8th Scale Off-Road Gas Trucks

Tamiya Terra CrusherCombines the speed and power of a 3.5cc engine with the fun of running in off-road conditions. These buggies need and use 4WD to transfer the power of the 3.5cc engines to the track. Sticky rubber tires provide the much-needed grip.

Pictured on the right is the popular Tamiya Terra Crusher (picture copyright by Tamiya Corp.)

Below are reviews of gas rc trucks and nitro rc monster trucks... enjoy!

HPI Savage 25 Nitro Monster Truck - Simply better and faster than the original.

Associated Monster GT - The newest gas truck from Associated.

HPI Nitro Savage 21 RTR Monster Truck

Tamiya Terra Crusher Gas Truck

1/10 Traxxas Tmaxx or T-Maxx Nitro RC Truck

1/8th Scale On-Road Gas

R/C cars started in this class. And when it comes to pure performance, nothing beats the speed and realism of 1/8th scale on-road gas cars. Zero-to-sixty miles per hour (mph) in 1.5 seconds, at racing speeds of over 70 mph. And these are real speeds as captured by radar guns. 

For power, these cars use 3.5cc 2-stroke engines capable of producing 2 horsepower. Power is delivered via a 2-speed or 3-speed automatic transmission to a 2WD or 4WD full suspension chassis. Wide, low profile foam tires produce the grip needed to propel these machines to incredible speeds.

These are the ultimate racing cars. Definitely not for beginners!


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