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Gas Powered RC Trucks

Gas RC trucks are exciting types of remote control trucks. A gas powered RC truck is big, loud, powerful, fast, and cheap. There are regular nitro trucks, and then there are the huge monster trucks!

Gas RC Trucks
Tamiya TNX Gas Powered RC Truck ©Tamiya

Here you will find answers to questions about gas rc trucks, where you can subscribe to leading radio control car and truck magazines, what types of gas powered remote control trucks to buy, and the best online r/c hobby shops to buy nitro gas powered rc trucks.

How fast do gas rc trucks go?

Entry level gas rc trucks can reach speeds of 30 mph, and some of the newer entry model nitro trucks can reach 40+ mph out of the box.

What is RTR Gas RC Truck?

RTR means ready to run. Open the box, put gas nitro fuel in the gas tank, and start playing with the truck. No assembly required.

How much does a gas truck cost?

Price can be as low as $200, to as high as $400, depending on what you are looking for. Nevertheless, gas rc trucks are cheap considering the amount of fun you will get from playing or racing these trucks.

Why are they called nitro gas powered rc trucks?

The term "nitro" refers to the nitrogen found in the fuel used for nitro rc trucks. It is the nitro the provides power... allowing these trucks to reach speed in excess of 40 mph! These are special fuel made for nitro rc trucks, regular gasoline will NOT work!

How do I get started into gas rc trucks?

You can start by learning more remote controlled nitro trucks, by subscribing to radio control car action magazine, or subscribe to r/c car magazine. Subscriptions can be purchased online, and in some cases you will save 60% off the newsstand price. This is a great deal, so subscribe now to radio control car action magazine or r/c car magazine.
radio control car action magazine Radio Control Car Action Magazine
I have been a reader of this magazine since 1988! This is the best R/C magazine you can buy. If you want to learn the latest on rc gas cars, then this is the magazine to buy. To find out more, just click on the Go! button.

rc gas car magazine R/C Car Magazine
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What Type of Gas RC Car To Buy

There are many types of gas rc cars such as touring, buggies, truck, monster trucks, and more.

To save time, below are two types of nitro rc cars I recommend. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong!

The HPI nitro rush is one of the latest models to come from HPI racing corporation. HPI hobby produces high quality nitro trucks at an affordable price.

hpi nitro rush gas powered truck

HPI Rush Nitro Engine

The HPI Nitro Star 15FE engine is easy to tune, with lots of top end speed!

hpi rush nitro gas engine

Click here to for online hobby shops that sell the HPI Nitro Rush on sale.

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Exciting Gas Powered Remote Controlled Trucks

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