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Gas RC Buggy... 40+ MPH Off Road Dirt Fun!

Gas RC Buggies are awesome. 4 wheel drive, 2 horsepower nitro engine, spike rubber tires, oil filled shock absorbers, and real 40+ miles per hour speeds provide hours of fun. Simply refuel and you can run non stop!

Buyers Guide to Gas RC Buggy
Pictures of Gas Powered RC Buggies
Popular Brands and Models
Buy Gas RC Buggy for Sale... Online

Buyers Guide to Gas RC Buggy

A gas rc buggy is usually 1/8 scale. These machines are high tech. Powered by 2 to 3 horsepower nitro engines, these 4 wheel drive rc buggies can reach speeds in excess of 40+ miles per hour.

Pictures of Gas Powered RC Buggies

Here are a couple of pictures of remote control buggies...

Picture of Mugen gas nitro rc buggy. Picture of 1/8 OFNA gas rc buggy.

1/8  MUGEN MBX-5 4WD RC Nitro Buggy

1/8 OFNA Ultra LX Pro RC Gas Buggy

Popular Brands and Models

In the gas powered rc buggy hobby, popular brands are Kyosho, Mugen, and OFNA. For Mugen, the popular gas buggy model is the Mugen MBX-5. For OFNA, the popular rc model is the OFNA Ultra LX Pro.

And for Kyosho, the popular model is the Kyosho Inferno.

Buy Gas RC Buggy for Sale... Online!

You can buy remote control buggies from your local hobby shop (LHS) or buy an rc buggy online. Click on the link above to browse, shop, and buy your gas rc buggy online.

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