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Fix Radio Glitch Due to Bad Servos

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Most of us have encountered "glitching" at one time or another. Usually we think it is radio interference or a bad receiver. But there is one culprit that is very common... bad servos. 

A bad servos will manifest on the race track as if your rc car suddenly veers to one direction or another, or simply goes straight when you already turned the steering wheel.

What we see as radio glitch is in reality caused by a weak or bad servo. And sometimes even a bad or sloppy servo saver. A Tamiya high-torque servo saver is notoriously sloppy and problematic. By a Kimbrough servo saver, they are the best.

How To Test If Your Servo is Good

  • Strong enough to turn the wheels and return to center under load.
  • While powered on and steering wheel neutral, servo should not move clockwise or anti-clockwise when manually applying force with your fingers.
  • Returns to center even when resistance is applied.

How To Tell if Your Servo is Bad

  • When powered on an in neutral, stutters when you force to turn it to the left or right.
  • Does not return to center when force is applied.
  • Does not follow your transmitter steering wheel movement smoothly.

Watch the video as it shows a good servo versus a bad one. What surprised me was that the two new Sanwa SRM-102 servos that came with my MT-4 controller failed my test. It was strong turning clockwise, but stuttered badly when forced to turn counter clockwise when in neutral.

What passed my test and feel good on the race track are the Futaba 9550 and the cheap Blue Bird BMS-706MG.

Hope this tip helps solve your r/c radio glitching problems.

Thanks to Vin Diaz for giving me a heads up that my glitching problems could be due to a bad servo. He was correct, my servos were bad.

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