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Project Tamiya Wild Willy 2 - Fastest

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The goal is to take a box stock Tamiya Wild Willy 2000, then modify it to be faster than a 1/10 Formula One r/c car in a drag race.

Fastest Tamiya Wild Willy 2 RC Car Project

Currently our radio controlled F1 cars go from 0 - 32mph in around 3 seconds. That is the target to beat.

I took the box stock Wild Willy and put it on my rc chassis dyno. With a 540 Mabuchi motor, Tamiya TEU 101 esc and Tamiya 2400 Nicad battery pack, the top speed was around 11.6mph. A lot of work needs to be done if a Wild Willy is to challenge an F1 rc car to a drag race.

Fastest Tamiya Wild Willy

Out goes the stock electronics and replaced by a Speed Passion 13.5T brushless motor, HobbyWing Turbo ESC, FullyMax Lipo battery and Sanwa radio control system. Click photos below to enlarge.

Tamiya Wild Willy (Stock)

Tamiya Wild Willy (Modified)

Photos Stock Wild Willy Modified Tamiya Wild Willy
Motor Mabuchi 540 (19,000rpm @ 80 watts) Speedpassion 13.5T Brushless (200watts)
ESC Tamiya TEU 101 HobbyWing Turbo ESC
Battery Tamiya 2400 Nicad FullyMax 3300 Lipo
Weight Tamiya Wild Willy at 2236 grams Lightweight Tamiya Wild Willy
Speed 11.6mph 36.6mph

Tamiya Wild Willy on the Chassis Dyno Video

On the first attempt, the modified Tamiya Wild Willy was so fast that the dynamometer magnet sensor flew and was lost. After the dyno was fixed, I slowly accelerated. First was a mild attempt with a top speed of 23mph. Then 33mph. And finally, with throttle at only 80%, the fastest speed was 36.6mph.

I did not push the throttle more for fear of breaking either the dyno or the motor. Right now seems that Project Wild Willy now has the speed to beat a 1/10 F1 rc car. To keep the power to the ground, the wheelie bar was installed upside down and the 80gram HobbyWing esc mounted on the front, above the servo.

Tamiya Wild Willy - No wheelie

To be continued...

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