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Fastest RC Cars

Some of the fastest radio controlled cars and trucks as posted on Youtube. Click on the links in the RC Car column to watch the video of their top speed run. Disclaimer: Please never run your rc car on the street. Safety first.

Fast RC Car - Associated 167mph

Date RC Car Motor Battery / Fuel Top Speed
18 Mar 2011 Associated TC3 Neu 1900kv 12s 167mph
15 Oct 2008 Schumacher Mi-3 Neu 1521 12s 4500 161.76mph
1 Nov 2009 Schumacher Mi3.5? 8th scale motor 10s Lipo 157mph
23 Dec 2010 1/10 Associated TC5 Losi 4800kv 6s 22.2v 135mph / 218kph
5 Sep 2008 1/10 Associated TC4 Mamba 7700 5s 25c 126mph
6 Apr 2012 1/5 HPI Baja BZM50cc ? 117mph / 189kph
21 Aug 2011 1/10 Traxxas Rustler Mamba ? 114mph
1 Apr 2012 1/5 HPI Baja BZM50CC ? 112.mph / 180kph
1 Apr 2011 1/10 Exceed RC Mamba 9000kv 4s 112mph
20 Feb 2010 1/10 Kyosho TF5 Mamba 7700 5s Zyppy 110mph
30 Apr 2011 1/8 Ofna DM1 Neu 2200 6s 109mph / 175kph
1 Aug 2011 1/8 MBX5 Leopard 4282 9s Nano-tech 106mph / 170kph
18 Mar 2012 1/5 HPI Baja BZM50CC ? 105mph / 169kph
15 Oct 2011 1/10 Traxxas Rustler Mamba ? 104mph
31 Jan 2009 1/8 OFNA GTP n.a. 4s 8400 103mph
2 May 2011 1/10 Traxxas Rustler Mamba ? 101mph
29 Nov 2011 1/7 Traxxas XO-1 Mamba 3s x 2 100mph
30 Dec 2006 HPI Super Nitro RS4 Rossi .21 nitro 40% nitro 100mph
26 Nov 2009 1/10 Schumacher Mi3 Mamba 770 Akku 3700 35c 98mph / 157kph
15 Sep 2008 1/10 Tamiya TA05 Neu ? 88.5mph / 143kph
20 Dec 2010 1/10 Associated RC10 B3 Lehner XL 4200 3s 25C 4900 86.8mph
9 May 2009 1/10 Rustler VXL Neu 2200kv 5s KongPower 81mph / 130kph
24 Jul 2011 1/8 Xray XB808 Mamba 2200kV 6s 70.83mph / 114kph
18 Sep 2007 1/18 Xray M18 Mamba 6800kV 4s 62mph / 100kph

Below is a photo from the http://www.fast-rc.co.uk/ forums by Maxit. It is a 1/5th scale HPI Baja going 117mph. Wow.

Fastest HPI Baja Gas RC Car 177mph

Below is a 1/10 Traxxas Rustler that did 114mph.

Fast RC Cars - Traxxas Rustler 114mph

Lipo battery are designed with "s". 1s = 3.7v, 2s=7.4v, 3s=11.1v, 4s=14.8v, 5s = 18.5v and so on. Surprising to see Traxxas Rustlers (an off-road stadium truck chassis) do over 100mph.

Fastest RC Cars Associated TC4 at 143mph

Team Associated TC4 at 143mph. Motor and esc are Mamba Max MM7700. Battery is 3s (11.1v) 3700mah Lipo. Tires are BSR Purple/35s. Spool front and rear with metal gears, 6 degree caster blocks and McAllister Sebring GTP body. Source: Nic Case.

Fastest RC Cars Associated 12R5 at 114mph

Photo source: http://www.fastestrc.blogspot.com/

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Those are modified with powerful motor, higher voltage batteries and large pinion / small spur gearing for top speed. For out of the box, here are some of the claimed speeds.

Fastest RC Cars

International Radio Controlled Speed Challenge

Official ISC Speed Records for Straight Line (http://iscspeedrun.com/index.html)

Open Electric: 161.76 mph Nic Case
Electric 4 cell: 143.54 mph Nic Case
Electric 2 cell 2WD: 119.09 mph Tim Smith
Electric 2 cell 4WD: 106.53 mph John Shultz
Electric 1 cell: 70.03 mph Kevin Osman
IC Open:  117.56 mph Mark Davidson
IC Big Block: 120.25 mph Marc Davidson
IC Small Block open: 93.40 mph Marc Davidson
IC Small Block 2WD: 85.12 Gary O'Connor
IC Small Block 4WD: 89.95 mph Bernard Heredia
Mini: 114.11 mph Nic Case
Large Scale Electric: 116.85 mph Nick Steele
Larger Scale (Open Wheel/Truck): 103.81 mph Tony Lateef
Large Scale IC: 97.96 mph Bernard Heredia
Motorcycle: 92.32 mph Lito Reyes

And a great forum about speed events and fast rc car projects (www.fast-rc.co.uk).

Archived Fastest R/C Cars

Here was my research done some 9 years ago.

How fast can an rc car go? Very fast. Gas powered RC cars can accelerate for 0 - 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. 

How many real cars can do that?

My rc hall of fame is based on my research. However, I am sure there must be some cars who should be on this list. Kindly let me know... and I will update this page accordingly.

Do you have a fast rc car? Let me know and I will post its speed and details on this page.

Which is faster, gas or electric cars?

Based on what I know... the hall of fame cars are all electric cars. So for ultimate top speeds... electrics seem to dominate.

But if we are talking about racing over 30 to 60 minutes long, gas cars can consistently post the fastest lap speeds.

How fast can RC cars go?

Stock electric trucks (10 to 15 mph)

Stock electric buggies (15 - 20 mph)

Stock electric pan cars (25 - 35 mph)

Modified touring cars (30+ mph)

Nitro touring cars (40 - 50 mph)

1/8th scale off-road (40+ mph)

1/8th scale on-road (70+ mph)

Dragsters (70+ mph)

  R/C Speed Hall of Fame
Rank Speed
1. 111 mph
Team Associated
L3 Oval racer
2. 105 mph
Georg Estere
RC electric dragster
3. 87.41 mph
Joel MacGregor
4. 86.9 mph
Team Associated
5. 85.02 mph
Gary Hamilton

Fastest According to General Category

Rank Category
1. 1/8 scale on-road gas 
2. 1/10 scale on-road gas
3. 1/10 scale on-road electric
4. 1/8 scale off-road gas
5. 1/12 scale on-road electric
6. 1/10 scale off-road electric



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