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F104 Ferrari F60

Tamiya F104 Ferrari F60

This f1 rc model of the Ferrari F60, with rubber tires, should revive formula one rc racing. Just looking at the photos makes me want to buy one today.

F104 Ferrari F60

Above is a picture of the front view. Looks so real you would not think it was a remote controlled formula 1 kit. Tamiya has done it again.

F104 Ferrari F60 Side View

Side view. The rims and tires look so realistic. Looks like the real thing.

F104 Ferrari F60 Top View

The top view looks great as well. Tamiya even captured the wide front and narror rear wings of the 2009 chassis.

F104 Ferrari F60 Chassis view

Here is the Tamiya F104 chassis. Battery is inline for good weight balance. The stock 540 motor is more than enough power for these lightweight racing machines. These are so fast, so realistic. I want one!

Photos source: Tamiya USA

F104 Speed Tips

Important is to use traction compound on the rear tires to get maximum grip. I personally use a brand call NASA. Will make your F1 handle much better and so much faster. Avoid putting on the front tires unless you need more steering.

Second I would replace the heavy aluminum rear shaft with a carbon fiber for increased acceleration.

Third replace the resin diff housing with and aluminum hop up for smoother differential action and faster cornering speeds.

That's usually enough to get you up to speed.

Thanks and have fun!

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Here are more F104 build and speed tips from Tamiya factory driver Dave Jun. Enjoy.


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