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Update: Video highlight of 25 Formula 1 r/c cars racing at the same time. Yes, twenty five f1 rc cars racing!

17 Sept 2012 - F1RC Club of the Philippines website is now up and running.

23 Aug 2012 - Best Rubber Tires for F1

8 Aug 2012 - New website dedicated to F1 RC Cars. News, tips, reviews and more.

Welcome. This is the main section of RCCarTips.com that discusses everything about radio controlled Formula One cars. Beautiful photos, exciting videos, in-depth reviews, fun race events, cheap buyer's guide and more.

F1 RC Car Photos
Tamiya F103 vs F104 RC Cars
Tamiya F1
F1 RC Car Review Tamiya Ferrari F60
Ferrari F60
F1 RC Car Review Tamiya Ferrari 312T3
Ferrari 312T3
F1 RC Car Racing 2012
Custom Nitro F1 RC Car Project
F1 Nitro
3Racing FGX F1 R/C Car Review
3Racing FGX Review
Tamiya F104 v2 Review
Tamiya F104 v2 Review

If you are looking to buy a Formula One car for the very first time, I would recommend you buy 1/10 Tamiya F1 rc cars. Why Tamiya? Because of realism (officially licensed bodyshells) and you have more models to choose from than any other brand. Tamiya has produced F1 rc cars since the 1980s, so you can buy a Formula One body style based on the era you want going back to 1980 up to the modern design.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Redbull Vettel

1/10 scale replica of the 2011 RedBull Formula One driven by Sebastian Vettel. This is a 1/10 Tamiya F104 radio control car. Photo credit: Hector Coronel

F1 RC Ferrari 312T3

Photo: For those who love the vintage F1 design, the 1/10 Tamiya Ferrari 312T3 on the F103 chassis.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya Modern

Photo: Modern Formula One body styles on the Tamiya F104 chassis. For those who love the looks of F1 from 2009 - 2012.

Tamiya F104 v2 Chassis

Above: The most expensive kits are the new 1/10 Tamiya F104 version 2 that uses a link type rear suspension.

Another popular kit is the 1/10 3Racing FGX. Just slightly larger than Tamiya, it is gaining popularity because the chassis is more realistic with independent rear suspension and, soon to come, front independent suspension with inboard shock absorbers just like the real thing.

F1 RC Car 3Racing FGX

1/10 scale 3Racing FGX. Realistic suspension and cheap price is why this kit is gaining in popularity. Plus the independent suspension design gives a better performance on certain tracks. Photo credit: www.rcmania.hk

Above are electric powered. For the ultimate realism there are nitro powered models. Though not as popular nor as fast as electric, the engine sound and smell of exhaust fumes add so much to the F1 experience.

Nitro F1 RC Car Kyosho RC Planning R246

1/10 nitro powered Kyosho KF01 with RC Planning R246 upgrade parts. Photo credit: www.rcmania.hk

While it is fun to simply play in parking lots, you can add more excitement by joining races. In the USA there is a good series called the UF1. There is also the Tamiya World Championships, where there is an F1 class. Or just have fun joining local club races.

F1 RC Club Racing

Photo: A local club race for those who love f1 rc cars. More fun than playing alone. This is the F1 R/C Club in Manila, Philippines at JP Raceway.

Here are some of the best models and estimated sale USD price comparison to help you choose and buy.

F1 RC Cars Model and Price Comparison

Just my opinion, the best f1 rc cars are:

Rubber tires - Tamiya F104, Tamiya F103, FGX
Foam tires - Tamiya F103 or F104W
Bumpy low grip track, lots of corners - 3Racing FGX
Asphalt - Soft chassis like Tamiya F104 F60 with fiberglass chassis and cut top deck.
Carpet - Stiffer chassis.

Please bookmark this page as new photos, videos and reviews are regularly added. Hope you found this website useful and feel free to share with friends to help grow this wonderful hobby.

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