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Beautiful pictures of radio controlled Formula One cars to get you motivated and excited to buy one. Ferrari, McLaren, RedBull, Brawn, Lotus, Benetton... you name it, there is an r/c version of it. Click on the smaller photos to enlarge.

2011 RedBull Formula One R/C Car

1/10 Redbull Vettel F1 R/C Car

Redbull 2011 Radio Control Car  Redbull 2011 F1 Radio Control Car

Red Bull Formula ONe 2011 Remote Control Car RedBull 2011 F1 RC Car

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya F104 2011 RedBull Formula One radio control car of Hector Coronel. Such a master for detail.

1986 Benetton Formula One R/C Car

1986 Benetton F1 R/C Car

1986 Benetton F1 Radio Control Car 1986 Benetton F1 Remote Controlled Car

Photos: 1986 Benetton F1 rc car on a Tamiya F103 chassis. Another masterpiece from Hector Coronel.

2001 Ferrari F1 Michael Schumacher R/C Car

Ferrari 2001 Michael Schumacher F1 RC Car 2001 Ferrari of Michael Schumacher - Radio Control Car

Photos: 2001 Ferrari Formula One r/c car with Michael Schumacher driver figure. Again another impressive model from Hector Coronel. Chassis is a 1/10 Tamiya F201 which has realistic inboard shock absorbers and full independent suspension.

Vodaphone McLaren F1 Remote Control Car

Vodaphone McLaren F1 RC Car

Vodaphone McLaren F1 Radio Control Car Vodaphone McLaren F1 Remote Control Car

Photos: Vodaphone McLaren Formula One r/c car of Hector Coronel. He used a Zen rc body on a Tamiya F103 chassis.

2008 Ferrari F1 R/C Car

2008 Ferrari F1 RC Car

2008 Ferrari Formula One RC Car  2008 Ferrari F1 Radio Control Car

Photos: Ferrari 2008 R/C Formula One car by Hector Coronel.

1978 Ferrari 312T3 Remote Controlled F1

Tamiya Ferrari F1 321T3

Ferrari 312T3 R/C Car  Ferrari F1 RC Driver Model  

Ferrari 312T3 Remote Control Car  Ferrari 312T3 Radio Control Car

Photo: A Tamiya Ferrari 312T3 radio controlled car on an F103 chassis.

Benson & Hedges

Benson and Hedges DHL F1 R/C Car

Photo: Benson & Hedges DHL Formula One r/c car on a Tamiya F103 chassis. By Allan Fernando.

Ferrari F1 R/C Cars

Photo: Tamiya f1 r/c cars. Left is the Ferrari F60 (F104 chassis), center is a Brawn (F104 chassis) and right is a Ferrari F2001 (F201 chassis). By Jun Manego, Allan Fernando and Rey Parco.

TAC 2010 F1 Concours Winner - Army

Pictured: Winner of the 2010 Tamiya Asia Cup F1 Concours held in the Philippines. By Allan Colico.

Winner of TAC 20122 F1 Concours

Picture: Winner of the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup F1 Concours held in Singapore. By Joel Mangilit.

Tamiya Lotus 99T

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya Lotus 99T remote control car by Gabe Monzones.

Tamiya F103 15th Anniversary Edition RC Car

Picture: The 1/10th scale Tamiya F103 15th Anniversary Edition. This was a limited production of Tamiya to comemorate the 15 years since the first release of the F103 chassis. By Joel Mangilit.

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