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Tamiya TT01 and F1 RC Car Racing - 2013 Manito Cup

The 2013 F1 r/c car racing season kicked off with the Manito Cup. The race brought together F1 and Tamiya TT01 touring car drivers for a fun filled afternoon of racing. Photos, video, event summary.

Short video clip of the event.

The Manito Cup was organized by Jun Manego (below) to celebrate the 16th birthday of his son Manito.

F1 Manito Cup Organizer

The birthday boy, Manito.

F1 Manito Manego Birthday Race

Popular for 2013 is the Tamiya TT01 Spec class racing. Cheap and fun. Below are the 3 radio control cars of Kit, Kiko and Paco Fernadez family.

Tamiya TT01 RC Cars of Fernandez Family

Leading the Father of the Year award is Kit Fernandez, here with 3 Tamiya touring cars and 2 Tamiya F1 rc cars which he and his sons Kiko and Paco raced.

Tamiya TT01 and F1 rc cars

Friends making the long trip from Neuva Ecija to race in the Tamiya TT01 Spec class.

Tamiya TT01 Racers Nueva Ecija

Taka promoting the new NASA Mighty Gripper v3 traction compound. I tested it and it works very well. Make sure you buy the NASA sold in metal cans, those are the original.

Nasa V3 Mighty Gripper Traction Compound

For the F1 class, TQ belong to Chito driving a Tamiya F104. Second on the grid is Taka driving a Tamiya F104v2 and testing a 17.5T brushless motor with a low gearing of 21/104. Third was Gerome driving a Sakura FGX with 21.5T brushless motor.

F1 Qualifying Results

Left is a Sakura FGX with a 21.5T Hobbywing brushless motor with 29 pinion. Right is a Sakura FGX with 540 Johnson silvercan motor and 25 pinion. I drove both to almost exact fastest lap times of 16.46 seconds and after racing for 15 minutes, both a 52 laps at 15min 02 second times.

Sakura FGX with Brushless and Brushed Motor

Finally the Sakura FGX gives a strong showing, finishing 2nd and 3rd in the first race of 2013. Looks promising.

Sakura and Tamiya F1 radio control cars

3rd - Sakura FGX with 21.5T motor (3.3 FDR), Winner - Tamiya F104v2 with 17.5T (4.4 FDR), 3rd - Sakura FGX with 540 silvercan (3.3 FDR). Seems the new FDR rule limits work well to give equal performance across different motor types.

F1 RC Cars Winners of Manito Cup Race

Below are the trophy winners of the 2013 Manito Cup. Nice to see Sakura FGXs take 2nd and 3rd place on the podium.

F1 RC Car Driver Winners of Manito Cup

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