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Thank you to the 26 racers for having fun. A big welcome to new F1 racers Alfonso and Freddie. And a big welcome back to Chris. Photos, video highlight, commentary and race results. Plus tips from the winners.

Video highlight.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya V2

The Tamiya F104 ver. II of Mikey Garcia (Team Orca). Driver and link car was fast for its debut race finishing 4th overall.

F1 RC Cars HPI F10

Finally a HPI F10 makes the A-main. Driven by Alfonso Ramos, finished 14th overall. Unfortunately teammate Jerome was called back to the office by team boss and missed the race.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya F103

Father and mechanic of the Tamiya F103 driven by Kiko and Paco. This is how it should be.

F1 RC Cars Tamiya F103 and F104

Veteran F1 club racer Jun Manego and his Tamiya F103 and F104.

F1 RC Car Photo by Tim

Thanks to Tim Medrano for the great action photos.

F1 RC Cars Ride Tire Blowout

11 year old girl driver Porsha had a tough afternoon. First a blown Ride tire in A1 with still 5 minutes to go, limping the car to 47 laps. A hard crash in A2 breaking the rear axle. A3 was a relief, finally finishing with 50 laps and 9th overall for the day.


It was another close fight with Taka getting TQ honors by just 6/100ths of a second over Leo. Joseph and Mikey separated by just 33/100ths of a second. Vin, Allan and Chito separated by 4/100ths. Jun and Ted by 1/100ths. Now that is close!

F1 RC Cars Budapest 2012 Qualifying

Exciting to see the fast progression of our rookies who are on their very first year of racing. Carlos being fastest with a 19.31s, followed by Rains (19.419s) and Romel (20.092s).

B-Main F1 RC Race

Twelve cars lined up on the grid. To me the B-main is exciting as it has kids and first time racers. I love to see new faces in the hobby. In the triple mains of 15 minutes each, it was a tight battle going down to the last main to determine the podium positions.

F1 RC Cars B Main Drivers Rookies

After a fun 45 minutes action of racing, the finishing order.

1) Christopher Kho 2) Rains Viola 3) Ike del Castillo 4) Romel Gellado 5) Jeri Banta 6) Rico Ledesma 7) Gabe Monzones 8) Rey Parco 9) Jason Dela Cruz 10) Paco Fernandez 11) Carlos Limjoco and 12) Kiko Fernandez.

A-Main F1 RC Race

Though the F1RC Club of the Philippines is about relaxing and having fun, we still attract some of the very best drivers in the country.

F1 RC Cars A-main Best Drivers

All smiles before the start of the race.

14 cars line up on the grid for a 3 x 15 minute race. After coming 2nd in the last race, Yuichiro Takaya came back strong winning all three mains by a comfortable 2 laps and doing an F1 rc club record 54 laps.

It was a fight for 2nd and 3rd place between Leo and Joseph, with Leo taking 2nd by the smallest of margins.

F1 RC Cars Best Drivers

Here are the game faces! Taka should play basketball with his height.

As to the manufacturers chassis battle, it was the tried and tested Tamiya F104 taking the win. 2nd was a Tamiya F103 and 3rd a Tamiya F104WGP. Notable mention was the strong performance of the 3Racing Sakura FGX of Rodil. Nice to see the cheap FGX giving direct drive cars a good fight, beating most of them.

Congratulations to all the racers.

F1 RC Cars Budapest 2012 Podium

Photo: Leo V. (2nd), Taka (Winner), Joseph (3rd). Great racing guys!

Post-race press conference - Budapest (per my recollection which could be mixed with fantasy).

Q:  Taka congratulations on your 2nd win. Today seemed easier than last time. What's your secret?

Taka: It's never easy with many good drivers and anything can happen in 45 minutes of racing. Today I did battery management, going easy for the first 5 minutes to preserve battery power. If I go too hard at the start the battery will lose power around the 8 minute mark. I also liked the Mabuchi 540 motor better than the Johnson 540.

Q:  Leo congratulations on taking 2nd. How did you feel about the race?

Leo: I'm happy with 2nd today. Taka was extremely fast in doing 54 laps. He simply had the pace and I could not overtake. I was also battling and defending with Joseph. All in all and exciting and challenging race.

Q:  Joseph congratulations on 3rd. How did the race go for you?

Joseph: It was worrying at the start as we had no rubber tires. Thank you to Allan Colico for lending us a set. I also raced using a brand new Tamiya F104WGP with a shorty lipo pack and Keyence esc. Car felt good, just clipped a few corners and lost some time in the process. But I enjoy the F1 races, no stress, just having fun racing.

F1 RC Cars Budapest GP 2012 Results

F1 RC Cars Concours

Concours winner. By Hector Coronel.

04 August 2012
Budapest Grand Prix
Race: 03Days 05H 45M

Test Session

11 drivers were present in last Saturday's test session. BDC brought his F103, F104 Exotek and F104, having much success with the F103. Track owner JP tried the F104W of Porsha. Lot's of car and tire swapping. And in the end, there are may ways to go fast. Some have a low grip car with braking style. Others have high grip cars that need no braking. Looking fast in the session were Allan Colico and Leo V. Happy to see the young Fernandez brothers join in the test and race sessions.


With a new aerodynamic package, Carlos is looking good for the Budapest GP. Car setup and driving practice are always key to success. Jeff also gaining track time and experience, looking to improve on his 3rd place finish (among the rookies) in the last race. Fast moving up the scoring is rookie Rains Viola. No time to relax for the early points leaders.

Team CV: The Motor Masters

Team is now on rubber tires and still going faster. Tochidet favoring the F104W over his F104v2. Vin looking forward to his first podium finish. And Miles now happy with rubber tires. Lot's of water dipping from Team CV.

Technical: Team Sakura FGX

When the test session started, the Sakura FGX was slightly faster than the F104W. But as track grip improved, the F104W became 1 second/lap faster. But even then, in a mock race, the FGX finished 50 laps, same as the F103 of Leo and F103 Ultra of Vin. The Pit Shimizu tires were slightly better than the Pardux tires, but only by a couple of tenths. Exciting to see the FGX continuously improve in pace.

Driver: Oldskul looking strong for Budapest

With a new setup, Oldskul was fast, very fast. Main change was to use a ball type t-plate attachment similar to the F103 of Leo. And a softer fiberglass chassis to replace the stiff graphite chassis.



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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the next race.

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