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After a month long break we are back to racing radio controlled Formula One r/c cars.

Thank you to the 23 racers for having fun. A big welcome to new F1 racer Manito. Photos, commentary and race results. Plus tips from the winners.

JP Raceway Beigian GP Track Layou

Track layout was changed to simulate the flow of Spa-Francorchamps. And after a few laps of practise we now know why it is the favorite track of real Formula One drivers. The flow is very nice. The bus stop chicane is a great place to overtake under breaking. High speed left right left turns have good rythm and nice to drive.


Critical as always. Knowing that 1/100ths of a second can mean the difference between making the A-main or B-main puts a lot of pressure and excitement in qualifying. It was very tight all the way down to the last racer. Goes to show the rules are fair and provide lots of racing excitement.

F1 RC Cars Belgium 2012 Qualifying Results

Again it was Taka securing TQ followed by Joseph and Chito. In the B-main, BQ is race organizer Joel followed by the father and son of Team Manego.

A-main consisted of 10 racers. The B-main initially had 10 racers as well. But grew to 13 with addition of late comers.


Racing action in both mains were close and exciting. Taka and Joseph battled for the win usually separated by just 0.5 seconds. Final spot on the podium was also a fight between teamates of Team CV. Chito and Vin separated by just 1 second for a very long time.

F1 RC Cars Belguim 2012 Podium

Photo: Joseph (2nd), Taka (Winner), Chito (3rd). Congratulations!

The B-main was also an excting affair with all 3 podium spots to be determined by the third main. When the smoke cleared it was Jason, Miles and Joel. Racer of The Day Honors goes to Kiko Fernandez for being consistent and doing an impressive 44 and 45 laps with fastest lap time in the 14 second range.

F1 RC Cars Belgium 2012 Results

Rookies Rains, Gabe and Allan had a very good day posting 58 - 60 laps. Jun edging out son Manito. For today, experience wins over youth.

Post-race press conference - Budapest (per my recollection which could be mixed with fantasy).

Q:  Taka congratulations on your win.

Taka: Thanks. It was a good battle with Joseph. I was also testing Ride tires on my F104. They felt heavy. My tip is to raise your front ride height relative to the rear to make rear end more stable especially under braking. For F104 I usually brake going into the corner. Not possible to add more front grip as car will be too twitchy and prone to spin out. But for the wide cars like F103 and F104W I think is possible to turn without braking.

Q:  Joseph congratulations on taking 2nd. You had some of the fastest laps of the race.

Joseph: I'm happy with 2nd today. Just made a few errors where I clipped the corners and flipped the car. But had good race pace.

Q:  Chito congratulations on 3rd. How did the race go for you?

Chito: It was a very exciting battle with my teammate Vin. In the end I was lucky to take the final podium postion. Racing for almost 15 minutes separated by just 1 second really requires experience and calm nerves. Just lucky I have a lot more racing experience over my teammate which helped me in the end.

Thanks to all racers. Hope you had fun and see you 15 Sept 2012 for the Singapore Grand Prix and the Arnold and Oldskul birthday race.



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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the next race.

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