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Finally the dream has come true. A full 25 Formula 1 r/c car grid. Photos, videos and race results. A big welcome and thank you to the first time joiners who made this dream possible.

25 Formula One R/C Cars Race

Highlights of the event. I've never seen a video with so many radio controlled F1 cars racing simultaneously.

The day started of normally. Track opened at 10am with just me, Porsha, Ron and Carlos.

F1 RC Cars BDC

Photo above: Early bird Big Daddy Cool with his "babies". Tamiya LeMans, Associated RC12, Tamiya F104 Pro, Sakura FGX, Tamiya F103.

F1 RC Cars Carlos

Photo: Early bird Carlos with his Tamiya F104 Ferrari F60 testing aerodynamics and numerous sets of tires.

F1 RC Cars Mark and Ron

Photo: Mark and Ron were the two of the four racers in the first ever F1 R/C Car Club race back in 2008. Happy to see them in today's record breaking event of 25 F1 rc cars on the grid.

Tamiya Nissan R91CP RC Car Concourse

Photo: Winning concours honors is the 1/10 Tamiya Nissan R91CP of Miles Bautista. And he was brave enough to run this beautiful body during the 45 minute race.

Sakura FGX F1 RC Cars

Photo: 1/10 Sakura FGX of Joel and Ron. Early tests showed the car had good handling but were still off the pace of the direct drive F1 cars.

Vintage Tamiya F103 RC Car

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya F102 Williams FW11 of Jeff Carpena. Interesting is the old gear diff design, which might be the future. Jeff was brave enough to race this beautiful vintage f1 rc in the 25 car race.

25 F1 RC Car Drivers

Pictured: The 25 F1 r/c cars and their drivers. They will run all together in a 15 minute race. I think we need to have a bigger driver stand. Driver breakdown is veterans (10), intermediate (5) and rookies (10).

25 Formula 1 RC Cars

Photo above: A mix of Tamiya F104, F104 Pro, F104WGP, F103, F102, Nissan R91CP, 3Racing F109 and Sakura FGX.

25 F1 RC Cars on the Grid

Pictured: The starting grid of 25 radio controlled Formula One cars. I've never seen so many r/c cars run in a single race.

Racers have a 30 minute qualifying session to post their fastest single lap to determine position on the grid. TQ went to Chito Detabli driving a Tamiya F104WGP. Usually an off-road racer, Chito showed the veteran on-road drivers how it is done. Tamiya World Cup 2011 Japan Finals Philippine representative Jomil Dela Cruz was second and long time Tamiya driver Jygs in third.

25 F1 RC Cars Qualifying Results

1st Race:
This will be memorable. It was decided that all 25 f1 cars will race together for 15 minutes. Here it will be a test of driver skill and some luck in avoiding accidents.

25 F1 RC Cars Racing

Photo: The first race with all 25 drivers racing for 15 minutes. Racing action in every corner of the track.

It was a tight battle for the entire race. Jygs takes the win. Top qualifier Chito finishes 2nd just 1 second ahead in a thrilling battle with Gerome. With three different chassis types occupying the top three positions.

25 F1 RC Cars A1 Result

  1. Jygs Tiangco - Tamiya F104 - 45L  902 seconds
  2. Chito Detabali - Tamiya F104WGP - 43L  916 seconds
  3. Gerome Ling - Tamiya F103 - 43L  917 seconds

2nd Race:
Here we decided to have 14 cars in the A-main and 11 cars in the B-main based on their qualifying time. In the A-main it was veteran on-road racer Tim Medrano taking the win using his own special blend of traction compound. Taking 2nd and 3rd are "Team Badboys" Noel and Jygs.

25 F1 RC Cars A-main race 2

My apologies to the B-main racers. I mistakenly copied the result of the third race twice. Will make the corrections and update in the next race.

3rd Race:
The final race was filled with excitement as it will determine the podium positions which are still wide open. Jygs was running fast and looking poised to take the overall win. But a ripped front tire slowed his pace in the dying moments of the race allowing Chito and Vin to overtake.

25 F1 RC Cars A-main 3 result

At the finish it was Noel, Chito and Vin.

The B-main was very fulfilling to watch. To see first time racers do so well and race competitively with each other is a joy for me. This is why I organized the F1 races in the first place, to attract new hobbyists to the world of racing rc cars.

Dennis leading the rookies in the 3rd race with 44 laps. Dan with a 42 and Carlos doing his best run of the season with a 40 lapper. New racer Bryan did very well with a 39 lap run as well as Rey with 36 laps. Jojo did well to finish the 15 minute race with 31 laps.

25 F1 RC Cars Bmain 3

Now to determine the overall winner it is the best 2 finishes out of the 3 races. And tiebreaker is the single fastest run.

F1 RC Cars 2012 Valencia GP Overall Result

With 25 racers it was a hard fought race and every position earned well deserved.

Podium GP Europe 2012 Valencia

Photo: Chito Detabali (2nd), Noel Aldaba (Winner), Jygs Tiangco (3rd). Great racing guys!

25 F1 RC Cars Overall Result

The season is still long, every position is up for grabs.

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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the next race.

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