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Here are various videos of Formula One radio control cars racing in big outdoor asphalt tracks, medium sized indoor aphalt track and smaller indoor carpet tracks. Hope watching these Youtube videos gets you excited to race as well. Some run stock silvercan motors which provide good speed while others have more powerful brushless motors for faster speeds.

1. Full grid of 12 F1 R/C Cars. Tamiya F103, F103LM, F104, F104W, F201 and 3Racing F109 Formula One radio control cars battling it out for the drivers championship.

2. Highlights of the 2012 Australian F1 RC Club Grand Prix. Exciting to see Tamiya F103, F104, Cross CF-01 08 and 3Racing F109 battle it out for the constructors championship.

3. We gathered on a Saturday afternoon to have fun racing our F1 r/c cars. Full of laughter, what the hobby should be about.

4. Full grid of 10 Formula One r/c cars racing inside SM Megamall.

5. Highlights of the 2010 Tamiya Asia Cup held in Manila, Philippines. With clips of the Tamiya F104 class race.

6. Fast forward to 2:24 to see the F1 rc car race at the 2012 Thailand International Touring Car Championship. It was an exciting 20 minute race with a mandatory pitshop to change tires.

7. Video of me (rccartips) running in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup finals in the F1 class. I am in the blue shirt (far left). Finished 2nd overall.

See you at the track!


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