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The most important part of a radio control f1 car are the tires. Comparison of the best rubber tires for Tamiya F103, F104, 201, HPI F10, Sakura FGX and more. Estimated sale prices are in USD.

F1 RC Car Tires - Rubber Tyres for Radio Control Formula One Cars

Best Tire Combinations

Some of the popular combinations used by racers worldwide to help you get started. Note there may be better combinations that below, depending on your track.

Tamiya F104 - Pit Shimuzu PS-0571 front and PS-0572 rear. Tamiya 51399 medium front and 54199 soft rear.

Tamiya F103 - Ride Type A. Or Shimizu PS-0545 Rear and PS-0541 Front. Tamiya Type A front and rear. Tamiya Type B front and rear.

3Racing Sakura FGX - Shimizu Racing (#PS-0565) Grooved Tyre (R) and (#PS-0561) Soft Grooved Tyre (F)

Also important are the tire inserts. Personally I make my own tire inserts to provide better sidewall stiffness and airgap for grip.

Wheel Diameter: 

FGX (kit rims) = 39 mm

F103 (rubber and foam) = 36.5 mm 

F104 (rubber and foam) = 44 mm 

Wheel Hex Size: 

FGX = 12 mm 

F103 = 14 mm 

F104 = 14 mm



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Thank you to all the racers, especially the first timers and new faces for making this a very fun filled afternoon of playing and racing with our toy cars. See you at the next race.

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