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F1 R/C Club of the Philippines - 2012 Racing Season

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Objective: To encourage new racers to join and experience the fun of an F1 rc car race. Speeds that are realistic (not too fast, not too slow) and very cheap racing (no to expensive equipment).

F1 RC Car Club Drivers

Photo: Some of the friendly f1 drivers. Half are beginners or new to F1 rc car racing. It's all about having fun! Join us.

Track Location: JP Raceway, Ortigas, Philippines. Track open 10am-10pm Tues - Sunday. Lot's of parking, gated and secured facility. Food deliveries (e.g. KFC, Good Burger, etc) plus inhouse sale of water and softdrinks.

Forum: Follow us on RC Tech F1 RC Club thread.

Official Website: F1RC Club of the Philippines

Facebook: F1 RC Cars Fan Page, hope you give a "like".

F1 R/C Car Guide - Intro and tips on what F1 rc car to buy

F1 RC Car Club - 2012 Race Schedule and Results

F1 RC Car 2012 Results

Photos: Evenly matched racing series where even rookies, kids and even a girl can get on the podium.

Visit the various results page to see photos and video highlight of the event.

Round 1: F1 RC Cars - Australian GP

Round 2: F1 RC Cars - Malaysian Grand Prix

Round 3: F1 RC Cars - Chinese Grand Prix

Round 4: F1 RC Cars - Bahrain Grand Prix

Round 5: F1 RC Cars - Spanish Grand Prix

Round 6: F1 RC Cars - Grand Prix Du Canada

Round 7: F1 RC Cars - Grand Prix of Europe

Round 8: F1 RC Cars - British Grand Prix

Round 9: F1 RC Cars - German Grand Prix

Round 10: F1 RC Cars - Budapest Grand Prix

Round 11: F1RC Club - Belgian Grand Prix

Round 12: F1RC Club - Singapore Grand Prix

Round 13: F1RC Club - Japan Grand Prix

Round 14: F1RC Club - Korea Grand Prix

Round 15: F1RC Club - India Grand Prix

Round 16: F1RC Club - USA Grand Prix

Round 17: F1RC Club - Brasil Grand Prix

Round 18: F1RC Club - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

F1 RC Club 2012 Race Schedule

F1 R/C Car Club 2012 General Rules

Objective Must be encouraging for new racers to join.
Realistic speed. Rookies can easily manage. Spectators can easily watch the racing action.
Cheap racing. No to powerful batteries, power capacitors, exotic foam tires.
Scale and realism. Must use tires and body to match the original kit spec.
F1 R/C Car Models Any rear wheel drive Formula 1 or LeMans
e.g. Tamiya F103, F104, F104W, F103GT, F103LM, F201, 3Racing F109, Kyosho KF01
Motor Electric - Kit 540 Mabuchi, 540 Johnson, Tamiya 32T Formula Tuned
Nitro - Any .12cc or smaller engine
ESC Any brand but aftermarket expensive power capacitors not allowed (e.g. TOP, Keyence)
Battery LIPO - Max 7.4v and 50C rating
NiCad, NiMH - Any 7.2v battery pack allowed
Gearing Max FDR of 3.7 (e.g 93/25 or 63/17)
Tire Type Veterans - Rubber only designed for F1 or LeMans
Rookies - Rubber or foams designed for F1 or LeMans
Tire Diameter 180mm wide cars - 63mm max tire diameter
200mm wide cars - 58mm max rubber tire diameter
200mm wide cars - 63mm max foam tire diameter
Body Must be painted. F1 or LeMans style only.
Transponder Must be mounted inside the body and in a position that cannot be damaged during a crash.
Race Etiquette Due to 15 minute mains, there is no "lapping" rule in effect. Slower drivers need not give way to faster drivers. This helps rookies enjoy the race.
Only laughter in the driver stand allowed.
Masungit drivers will be penalized 1 lap.
Notes Tire and diameter must match the design of the car. F103 cars cannot run F104 type tires.
Any F1 or LeMans may join even if not compliant with rules. But will not score any championship points nor position in the race.
Rules may be ammendend as necessary to close any loopholes that will not be in the spirit of the objectives.
Qualifying 30 minute session. Fastest single lap time determines grid position.
Finals 3 x 15 minutes mains.
Scoring Best 2 finishing results will be counted.
Tiebreaker will be the fastest run. Number of laps and time.

We are a very easy going bunch of people. There to socialize and make new friends. As well as enjoy the realism of racing radio control Formula One cars.

See you at the track!


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