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Electric RC Cars Buyer's Guide

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Introduction and Guide to Buying Electric RC Cars

Electric RC Cars Introduction30 March 2012 - Hello and welcome. My name is Joel. I love playing and racing (locally and internationally) electric rc cars. It is what I do every day since 1978. And with my daughter Porsha joining me in races, enjoying the hobby more than ever.

I put up RCCarTips.com back in 2003 to just share my love for the hobby. And hopefully to help you get started. It's been 9 years, yet I still get excited about updating this website.

Common question is how fast to they go? Here take a look for yourself. Video of my daughter racing in the 2012 TITC.

Pretty fast. These are the fastest electric rc car racing with speeds reaching 60 miles per hour. But don't worry if these are too fast, the typical kits go 10 - 20mph out of the box. Just the right speed for beginners.

Ok on to the tips. If you are new to rc cars and driving, I would recommend you start with something easy to build and durable. Fun are the 1/10 Tamiya M-chassis (minis) or the Tamiya TT01 on-road cars. By the way if you are interested in off-road, please visit the rc trucks page.

If you have limited space, try the smaller models such as the 1/27 scale Kyosho Mini-Z or the 1/24 Losi Micro Rally cars. It's also one of the cheapest way to get started in the hobby.

Above are photos of popular electric powered rc cars. Arranged from beginners to experienced models. Plus a basic introduction to choosing an rc car battery pack and radio controller.

As for brands, my favorite is Tamiya. I have bought others such as Associated, HPI, Losi, Nanda, OFNA, Kyosho, etc. and can highly recommend them.

Take a look at their latest product catalogs and I'm sure you will find a model you love.

So I hope you will soon join me in this fun hobby and maybe we will meet each other in one of the races. Before leaving I invite you to join the RCCarTips facebook page to be informed of updates to this site.

Many thanks if you can give a thumbs up and help spread the word about RCCarTips.com.

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