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Associated TC3 RTR

Ultra fast ready to run electric touring car from Team Associated

About the TC3
Picture of the TC3
Is the Associated TC3 electric rc car for beginners?
Rave reviews of the electric TC3
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About the ready to run TC3

The TC3 is made by Team Associated. It is a 1/10th scale electric powered rc car designed to race in the competitive touring car class.

There are many versions of the TC3 such as the Racer Kit, the Team Kit, the Factory Team Kit, and the RTR TC3 (#3040).

This article is about the RTR TC3, which is perfect for beginners or those looking for a cheap but competitive on-road electric touring car.

The RTR TC3 is designed with one thing in mind, to win races against other ready to run kits. Low center of gravity, shaft driven transmission, 4 wheel drive, carbide ball stealth diff, composite-body VCS shock absorbers, pro-line wheels, V-Rage tires, composite MIP CVD's, steel turnbuckles, rubber-sealed ball bearings, and a pre-painted touring car body.

The RTR TC3 comes with a radio control unit and an electric speed control with forward and reverse.

You will just need to buy a 7.2 volt battery pack (~ $15), a 15 min battery charger (~ $27), and 8-AA size batteries for the radio control system.

Picture of the TC3

This is a TC3 team kit picture from the web site of Team Associated.

Is the Associated TC3 electric rc car for beginners?

Yes, yes, yes. Just make sure you are buying the RTR TC3 version, part number #3040.

Rave reviews of the electric TC3

Here are some feedback from TC3 owners as posted on various rc car forums...

If you want to race and have any dedication - the TC3 is a more balanced car, stiffer car, better reaction.

Southern Cal - Claremont

When i raced the TC3 i had no problems with parts breaking, the only thing that i damaged was one rear hub carrier, and i have had some serious crashes, so its very durable, and has a good out of box setup. Plus the parts support is very good, and it is a popular car so you will not have a problem with finding setups if you have an issue with the handling. 


Hey guys, I saw a guy take a TC3 RTR straight from the box, onto the track. The only change he made was his Radio. It seamed to run fairly well considering it was a RTR.

Roscoe, IL 

Yes, the TC3 is a great car. I made the transition from oval to road course and found it very easy to turn right!! I also started racing offroad, and I've gotten very good and am now considering going to the nations to "play"

Meridian, NY 

I have a TC3. And race it in Malta. I never had any huge problems with it and I find it very reliable. I think it is the best starter and pro kit around. It is also good value for money. It also does not require any hop-ups, apart from a one-way diff.


Finally I got my tc3 running. Man this thing is fast. It is so fast that it just spins the tires. I love doing doughnuts in my living room.


I race TC3's on the local HobbyTown parking lot (Stock class) and I have an old TC3 that I converted into a Rally version for the local club's offroad track. I love the TC3! Still the best Sedan on the market from what I've seen...


Where to buy the TC3

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