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Electric Powered R/C Model Cars

"If you enjoy action, choose electric powered r/c model cars. With their high performance and the many operational parts available, they are easy to tune up, and easy to repair if a crash should break any parts." - Tamiya

Electric Powered RC Model Cars Guide and Tips

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"Tamiya has many R/C racing type vehicles suitable for competition, including the popular Off-Road buggies. By choosing Tamiya, you enjoy the construction, painting, and running of R/C vehicles in your own neighborhood."

  1. Read instruction manual carefully.
  2. By building yourself, you learn about the construction of r/c cars.
  3. An r/c car needs a radio control system. If you already have one, you can use it for many cars.
  4. There are spare bodies and extra parts for tuning up your model.
  5. If you should break your car it's easy to repair with the many spare parts.
  6. Proper maintenance ensures long life and lasting enjoyment of your models.

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