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Custom Belts by Cutting and Joining

If you are desperate for a particular belt size, you can try cutting and joining a belt. Here is what I do, hope it works for you.

Step 1: First I cut a longer belt, then remove the amount of teeth desired. Below is a 62 tooth belt count I'm making for the rear of my Tamiya 414. Original was 59 tooth but I wanted to use a gear diff where the pulley is 37t instead of the original 32t.

Cut Belt

Step 2: Critical is to cut the belt halves perfectly straight. Then press on top (see below) to ensure perfect alignment before joining the halves with superglue. The cut halves should press perfectly into the space below it to ensure the tooth thickness is correct. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours to give some strength to the joint.

Belt Alignment

Step 3: I then reinforce the joint segment with thin but strong strapping tape that does not stretch. I use a brand called Crocodile. Cut a tape around 10mm long and as wide as the tape. Then superglue it to the outside of the joined halves. Let the glue cure.

Joining Belt Using Strapping Tape

Step 4: To further reinforce, I cut a 20mm strip of strapping tape and superglue it on top of the 10 mm tape, overlapping to adhere to more of the belt. I then put superglue on the sides of the belt like a spot welder. Below is the finished product.

Joining Belts

Idea to the keep joint reinforcement as thin but as strong as possible while maintaining belt flexibility. Anyways as you keep running your rc car, the belt joint will become more flexible. At least it keeps your project rc car up and running.

P.S. Which reminds me, I should cut my fingernails before photo shoots :D

Good luck!

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