Price list of the cheapest rc cars.
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Cheapest RC Cars for Sale

When I first started... oh around 30 years ago... radio control cars were so expensive. Fortunately they are now affordable, with the cheapest rc cars selling for less than $100 USD, complete with radio controller, kit, batteries and charger.

Photo of cheap r/c cars.

Popular for playing and racing are the Tamiya mini's and Traxxas Slash short course trucks.

Cheap RC Cars

Update: For under $100 you can buy the Losi 1/36 scale Micro T. Below is a partial list of the cheapest, hobby quality, ready to run r/c cars and trucks.

List of cheapest r/c cars and trucks.

Please note above are estimated selling price as of Dec 2009.

Nikko RC Cars

Nikko is a company that makes rc toy cars, as well as some rc hobby quality models. Some of the cheap Nikko rc cars you can buy online are listed below:

1/10 Nikko Chevy Avalanche (Color: Red) with Battery Pack and Charger - $77 1/10 Nikko Hummer Wagon Bronze - $77.33 
1/10 Nikko Hummer Wagon (Large) - $78.66 
1/10 Nikko F150 Truck 1 - $89.95

Picture of cheap nikko rc car.
Picture of 1/10 Nikko F150 Truck 1

Cheap RC Cars for Sale

You can buy cheap rc cars from a local hobby shop. You can also conveniently buy from online rc stores, where orders are delivered straight to your home.

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