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Cheap RC Trucks Buyer's Guide

Let's look at some of the best radio control trucks we can buy at local hobby shops or online internet stores. Starting from the cheapest to the biggest and baddest remote controlled trucks. Price are estimates in USD.

Update: RC Trucks for Sale and Nitro RC Trucks for Sale

The smallest models are usually the cheapest. Below are ready-to-run. Speeds are around 10 - 15mph out of the box. Fast for such small scale.

Cheap RC Truck Kyosho Mini Z Monster
1/30 Mini-Z Monster Volkswagen
$ tbd
Cheap RC Truck Losi Mini Short Course
1/24 Losi Mini Short Course
Cheap RC Truck HPI Mini Recon
1/18 HPI Mini Recon

If you prefer 1/10 scale, I would buy 4x4 short course rc trucks. More expensive than 2wd short course, but the extra enjoyment is worth it. Speed of around 25mph out of the box. Fast enough to keep you excited. Below are RTR prices and usually with brushless electronic equipment.

Cheap RC Trucks Traxxas Slash 4x4
1/10 Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL Brushless
$ 397
Cheap RC Trucks Associated SC10 4x4
1/10 Associated SC10 4x4
Cheap RC Trucks Losi Ten SCTE 4wd
1/10 Losi TEN-SCTE

Here is more information about 4x4 short course radio control trucks including prices of other models.

And below are other off-road rc kits that are less than $200 USD. Hope by now you have found a kit you love and suits your budget. If not, keep browsing this website.

Company Power Scale Category Model Kit/RTR Price
Losi Electric 1/36 Stadium Micro T RTR 79
Losi Electric 1/36 Stadium Micro Desert Truck RTR 89
Losi Electric 1/36 Stadium Micro High Roller RTR 94
Losi Electric 1/18 Stadium Mini-T RTR 99
Duratrax Electric 1/10 Buggy Evader EXB RTR 109
HPI Electric 1/18 Monster Mini Recon RTR 109
Losi Electric 1/24 Rally Micro Rally RTR 109
Losi Electric 1/24 Short Course Micro SCT RTR 109
Duratrax Electric 1/14 Crawler Cliff Climber RTR 119
Losi Electric 1/24 Crawler Micro Rock Crawler RTR 119
ElectrixRC (ECX) Electric 1/10 Stadium Circuit Stadium Truck RTR 120
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Wild Willy 2000 Kit 121
Losi Electric 1/18 Stadium Mini-Desert Truck RTR 129
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Frog Kit 129
ElectrixRC (ECX) Electric 1/10 Monster Ruckus RTR 130
HPI Electric 1/12 Monster Wheely King RTR 135
Thunder Tiger Electric 1/10 Buggy Phoenix BX II R RTR 139
CEN Nitro 1/16 Monster MG16 RTR 149
Losi Electric 1/18 Buggy Mini-Desert Buggy RTR 149
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Grasshopper XB RTR 149
Axial Electric 1/10 Crawler XR10 Kit 159
Associated Electric 1/18 Monster RC18MT RTR 159
Associated Electric 1/18 Stadium RC18T RTR 159
Associated Electric 1/18 Buggy RC18B RTR 159
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Subaru Brat Kit 159
HPI Electric 1/10 Buggy Brama 10b RTR 164
Associated Electric 1/18 Short Course SC18 RTR 169
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Hornet XB RTR 169
Tamiya Electric 1/12 Buggy Lunch Box XB RTR 169
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy Boomerang Kit 169
Associated Electric 1/10 Buggy RC10B4 Kit 174
Duratrax Electric 1/18 Short Course Vendetta SC RTR 179
Associated Electric 1/10 Short Course SC10 Kit 179
Losi Electric 1/18 Sprint Mini-Slider RTR 179
Traxxas Electric 1/10 Buggy Bandit RTR 180
Traxxas Electric 1/10 Short Course Slash RTR 189
Traxxas Electric 1/10 Stadium Rustler RTR 193
Traxxas Electric 1/10 Monster Stampede RTR 193
HPI Electric 1/10 Short Course Blitz Short Course Truck RTR 194
Losi Electric 1/16 Short Course Mini ReadyLift SCT RTR 199
Tamiya Electric 1/10 Buggy DB01 Baldre Kit 199

Where to Buy Cheap Radio Control Trucks

Visit the various manufacturers website, they usually have a store locator feature. Or try the rc store page.

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