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Where to Buy RC Cars?

Guide to Buying RC Cars

Here are tips and information on how-to and where you can buy rc cars. By reading this buying guide, you may get the best deals on your next purchase or order on an rc car.

Tips on Buying RC Cars

Most rc cars have a retail price, which is the suggested selling price. But note that most hobby shops sell kits for 20 - 40% less than the retail price, which is called the street price.

To get the best deal on rc cars, when shopping, always pay for the street price and not the retail price.

Where to Buy RC Cars?

You can get rc cars from a local hobby shop (LHS) or order it from online hobby shops. Given a choice, I recommend you buy from a local hobby shop. If the shop owner is helpful, you get a lot of advice and useful tips to help you get started. Local hobby shops also usually keep spare parts which you can easily buy. It's also nice to support your local hobby shop, they help set up racing tracks, organize races, and keep the rc hobby alive in your area.

You can also order or purchase remote control cars from online rc hobby shops. Some are real physical hobby stores that have a website where you can order online.

Others are purely online hobby shops, where buying is done purely online via a website. To get the best deals on remote control cars, look for special offers, clearance sales and discount coupons. Remember to factor in the shipping cost. Payment is easily done via credit cards.

If you want to check out a good online rc hobby shop, click on the link below:

Online RC Hobby Shop Guide

Remember to support your local hobby shop!

Guide to RC Cars

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