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Buy Electric RC Cars



Buy Electric RC Cars

Q: Where can I buy electric rc cars?

A: You can buy popular electric rc cars from your local hobby shop. You can also get great deals and discounts when buying from online hobby shops.

Q: What online rc hobby shop do you recommend?

A: I recommend RCPlanet, because they have a lot of kits and models to choose from at some of the lowest prices I've seen online. They also sell a lot of spare parts which is very important.

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Buy Electric RC Cars Online
Popular electric rc cars on sale... 

Buy Electric RC Cars

There are plenty of rc cars and trucks currently on sale... take a look before the sale ends.

I highly recommend buying the following:

Tamiya - You cannot go wrong with Tamiya. Cheapest are their Expert Built (XB) models, these are already assembled and ready to run. For kits (need assembly and radio control system) I recommend the TA05 series. Others are the TT01 and TB03 series.

Other good companies are HPI, Associated, Traxxas. You cannot go wrong in buying their cars.

Nikko RC Cars - these are toy cars. Good for beginners and young kids.

Ready to Run Electric RC Cars

I recommend you buy ready to run (RTR) electric rc cars. These models come mostly complete with radio controller, batteries, charger... almost everything you need to get started, right out of the box.

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