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Tamiya BMW Mini Cooper S R/C Car

For fans of the mini cooper, here is a 1/10 scale radio control car of the BMW Mini Cooper S. Let me take you through the build process and where you can buy them.

BMW Mini Cooper S R/C Car

To start we need to buy a lexan or polycarbonate model body of the Mini Cooper. Luckily my local hobby shop had a rare 1/10 Scale R/C Mini Cooper S 2006 lightweight Body Parts Set (Part # 84064) that is usable with the Tamiya M03L and M05L m-chassis kits that have a 239mm wheelbase.

First step is to cut the bodyline and wheel arches (I used a Tamiya curved scissor). Then smoothen the rough edges with sandpaper. Wash the body with soapy water to ensure a clean surface for the paint to adhere to.

BMW Mini Cooper S Lexan R/C Body

Second step is to prepare the radio control car by masking areas (from the inside) we do not want to paint (e.g. windows, headlights).

BMW Mini Cooper Radio Control Car

Third step is to start painting the body. I usually apply 5 coats of paint, careful to ensure each coat is very light and dry before applying the second layer. Tamiya PS paints are designed to stick to these clear lexan (i.e. polycarbonate) bodies. However I use a cheaper brand called Bosny with good results. Even after hard crashes during racing the paint does not chip easily.

BMW Mini Cooper Body Painting

Before putting on the stickers, some rc bodies have a protective film that must be removed. Then the fun of adding stickers and detailing can begin.

Tamiya BMW Mini Cooper Body

And below is the finished product. Underneath the body is a Tamiya M05 M-Chassis Pro. It is a front wheel drive electric powered remote control car. These are cheap, fun and are consistently being raced over the last 13 years.

BMW Mini Cooper Remote Control Car

Where to buy? First try your local hobby shop. If they do not have these in stock, try some of the popular online rc stores.

Please let your friends know about this website. Thanks for reading.

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