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BMW M3 GT Sports Car Series Review

Here is the performance battle between a real BMW M3 series versus the 1/10 nitro powered remote control car from HPI. Can the 350 bhp V8 sports car beat the 1.2 hp 4WD remote controlled BMW M3 EVO series? Let's see.

Here is a side-by-side comparison, specs, pictures, and review of the BMW series. Plus links to where you can buy a BMW M3 for sale online.

Specs BMW M3 GTR Sports Car 1/10 BMW M3 Series (R/C)
Pictures BMW M3 GT Review HPI BMW M3 Review
Engine Power    
Type V8 HPI Nitro Star T-15
Displacement (cc) 3,997 cc  2.49 cc
Power 350 bhp @ 7250 RPM 1.2 hp @ 29,000 RPM
Chassis / Suspension    
Transmission 6-speed 2-speed automatic
Drive - 4WD
Brakes ABS, ventilated disk -
Tires 225/40 R19 - 255/35 R19 X-pattern rubber
Weight 2976 lbs -
Acceleration - -
Top Speed 243.2 kph / 152 mph 70 kph / 43 mph
Street Price $ 250,000 $ 349

BMW M3 For Sale

If the real BMW M3 GTR is your fantasy sports car, but cannot afford the price tag, your dreams can come true by buying the 1/10 HPI BMW M3 GT RS4 EV0 series remote controlled model car.

BMW M3 Model Picture
Picture from HPI Europe's Website

This BMW is powered by a 2-stroke engine producing 1.2 horsepower. With a top speed of 70+ kph (actual speed) this is more than just a toy. And not just performance, HPI's scale replica of the BMW M3 body series is simply awesome (see picture above).

In fact, in a race from 0 - 60 kph, the R/C car would probably beat the real thing!

BMW M3 RS4 Evo Chassis Pic
Chassis view. Photo credit: HPI Europe

"The heart of the new and improved RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo is the brand new T-15 engine, providing more mid-range power and top end speed! A tall cast aluminium heatsink head on the T-15 keeps it cool and running smoothly, and the 2-needle carb allows owners to tune the engine precisely for their conditions. The included HPI Roto Start System lets the engine start up with push-button convenience! The T-15 breathes through a large pre-oiled air filter and our aluminium header/composite tuned pipe combo - a great way to get tons of power to the ground!" - HPI Europe

"The Evo model propels the humble RTR 3 into the performance limelight, and it doesn’t shy away from the competition. The gains in speed and overall performance, plus the addition of the electric start system, make the Evo a viable purchase for not just the beginner, but the more advanced driver as well." - R/C Car Magazine

Buying Guide

BMW M3 for Sale
BMW M3 for Sale. Photo credit: HPI Racing

Here is a recommended R/C hobby shop where you can buy the nitro powered 1/10 HPI BMW M3 RS4 EV0 for sale online. Discounts and special sales make it easy and cheap to buy online. Take note of the brand / model below and order yours today!

Brand: HPI Racing
Model: HPI 1/10 NITRO RS4 3 EVO RTR W/BMW M3 GT BODY (T-HPI10001)
Category: 1/10 Nitro RC Cars (also called Gas RC Cars)

Requires (bought separately): Fuel, fuel bottle, 12-AA sized batteries, glow plug igniter, polycarbonate paint and instant cement (see picture below). You will also need a 7.2v battery pack and charger for the Roto Start system.

Extra Accessories
 Photo credit: HPI

Optional Performance Parts: Does not need any, model is great out of the box.


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