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Associated RC10T3 RTR Electric RC Truck 

About the Associated RC10T3 RTR
Picture of the RC10T3
Review of the Associated RC10T3
Tuning Tips for the RC10T3
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About the Associated RC10T3 RTR

The Associated RC10T3 RTR is a 1/10 scale, factory assembled, ready to run, electric powered remote control truck.

It is a cheaper version of the championship winning truck. The cheap price allows you to have fun now. Once you gain experience you can upgrade the radio controlled truck with hop-up parts to make it go really fast.

The Associated RC10T3 electric rc truck has won the Reader's Choice Award of Radio Control Car Action Magazine for 3 consecutive years!

Picture of the Associated RC10T3

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Picture of Associated RC10T3 electric powered remote control truck.

Picture copyright by Team Associated

Review of the Associated RC10T3 Electric RC Truck

I highly recommend this electric radio controlled truck, especially for beginners. At a street price of less than $200, this is one of the cheapest electric rc trucks available today.

And don't less the cheap price fool you, the RC10T3 RTR is based on the championship winning factory race truck.

Out of the box, the truck is 90% complete. The only additional items to buy are 8-AA size batteries for the transmitter, a 6 cell battery pack for the motor, and a 15-minute fast battery charger.

The package is solid: 20 turn motor, electronic speed control, race winning design, etc. My only comment is that the truck uses bronze bushings. This will wear out after 3 months of constant running. Ball bearings would have made this truck excellent.

The stock motor can push the truck to speeds of 20 miles per hour. Modified motors will push it to 35 mph.

Technical specifications: 20 turn electric motor, 2.40:1 race-winning Stealth transmission, ball differential, rigid composite chassis, painted Ford F150 body, full bronze bushings, blue-anodized aluminum, oil-filled shocks, dogbones and stub axles, rugged steel turnbuckles, and Hitec Lynx 2 channel AM pistol grip radio control system.

Tuning Tips for the RC10T3

Make your electric rc truck go faster with these tuning tips...

Glue the tires to the rims.

Drill small 1/8" holes in the wheels to let air out / in when the truck lands from a jump. Otherwise the tires will deform.

The correct gearing for a stock motor is 22 or 23 pinion with an 87 tooth spur gear. If run time is less than 5 minutes, lower the pinion gear to 20 or 21.

Gearing: 19 turn = 23/81, 18 turn = 22/81, 17 turn = 22/85, 16 turn = 21/85, and 15 turn = 21/87. Note 23/81 means 23 pinion, 81 spur. 

Raising front ride height and lowering rear ride height should give the radio control electric truck less steering and more traction.

Ball differential is set correctly if you spin on rear tire by hand and the opposite tire spins one or two rotations in the opposite direction.

Recommended upgrades for serious racing: Reedy Sonic 2 motors, ball bearings, titanium turnbuckles, and high end electronic speed control.

Use paint brush to clean dirt of your truck. Use WD40 to protect metal parts from rusting. Use motor cleaning spray to clean the electric motor.

Buy the RC10T3 Radio Control Truck

I highly recommend this truck because of its high quality parts at a reasonable price. Buy it at your local hobby store, or you can buy from online hobby shops.

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