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Assembling a Radio Control Car

"A tremendous amount of enjoyment comes from the assembling of a radio control model vehicle. Your assembly will have a direct effect upon the vehicles performance, so it is very important that you use the proper tools and lubricants in its construction." - Tamiya

Assembling a Radio Control Model Vehicle

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"By making up the vehicle yourself, you now understand its innermost workings and can modify, repair, alter and improve performance by adding the many optional high performance parts available. You can also paint and mark your vehicle to your own tastes, so that it is different and unique amoung the other vehicles in your area."

  1. Tools are used for a long time, so select good ones.
  2. Liquid plastic cement, spray oil, vinyl tape and liquid threadlock.
  3. You can control most R/C cars with 2 channel digital proportional type systems.
  4. Batteries for operating the radio control system. Select a correct one for your kit.
  5. The Tamiya R/C bag is useful for transporting vehicles and radios.

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