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R/C Cars - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA and MiTo

Alfa Romeo RC Cars

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA. I love the oldschool bodies.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA is on the Tamiya M04 and M06 m-chassis platform and the Alfa Romeo MiTo on the Tamiya M05 platform. Estimated prices are in USD.

RC Cars Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, Mito

Alfa Romeo Mito RC Cars

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya Alfa Romeo MiTo remote controlled cars on the M05 m-chassis. It is a front wheel drive (fwd) chassis with a 239mm long wheelbase.

The Tamiya mini m-chassis rc cars are very popular because they are simple, cheap, durable and fun for beginners and expert drivers.

Photo: Video of my 9 year old daughter racing her very first radio control car, a Tamiya M05 Alfa Romeo MiTo. The light set is optional and adds lots of realism and visibility during the night races.

I wish more r/c car companies would produce Alfa Romeos as I am a big fan. For now, I buy what is available such as those made by Tamiya.

Hopefully this helps you get started in your search to buy Alfa Romeo remote controlled cars. Visit the rc store for more info. Thanks for reading. Kindly spread the word about www.rccartips.com.

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