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Alfa Romeo Mito RC Car

While visiting a local hobby shop, my 9 year old daughter pointed to a Tamiya M05L M-chassis radio control car with an Alfa Romeo MiTo body. She liked it so we bought it and were excited to start building the kit.

Alfa Romeo MiTo R/C Car

Opened the box and put it all on the table. Included in the kit was an Official Licensed Alfa Romeo MiTo body, M05-L chassis, Mabuchi 540 motor and Tamiya TEU 104 electronic speed control.

I especially liked the mag wheels and the chrome looking sticker set. However, the kit came with plastic bushings which I promptly replaced with ball bearing during the build.

The kit also came with friction shocks. I had some spare oil filled shocks that I used instead to help improve performance.

Tamiya M05L Alfa Romeo Mito

Above is the box photo. It is a 1/10 scale radio control car made by Tamiya on their M-05 chassis. On the lower right is the Official Product logo and on the left it surprised me to learn this kit was made in my home country, the Philippines.

Tamiya Alfa Romeo Mini

The Tamiya minis are very popular and fun. These are simple front wheel drive kits that are good for beginners and racers. The kit came with light buckets, so I decided to mount a drift light package set that I had laying around.

Above photo shows the headlights turning on when forward power is applied. There are also turn signal lights that are coordinated with your steering wheel.

Alfa Romeo Mito Radio Control Car

On the rear I mounted LED brake lights that turn on when you hit the brakes on your radio control transmitter. These lights just add to the realism and fun.

Alfa Mito RC Car Lights Set

Above is the photo of the Tamiya M05L chassis, the Alfa Romeo MiTo rc body and the light package set.

Me and my daughter were excited to play with this r/c car. Fortunately I have a small garage track where we can run our rc cars. Below is a video, a little dark, but shows the fun of running with lights.

Overall this is a car I enjoyed building and playing. Even my daugher loves it. I highly recommend the Tamiya M-chassis line of remote controlled cars.

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