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More Motor Speed Tips

Here are some more advanced topics about rc electric motors. Learn how to get the fastest motor for your specific racing needs.

Big "Comm" versus Small "Comm"

In general, big commutators provide more torque while the regular size commutator provide more rpms. 

Big comms - High load, high current applications. Off-road racing.

Small comms - High rpms, lower current applications. On-road racing.

Number of Turns

Refers to how many times the copper wire is wound around each pole of the armature. Basic guide:

More Turns (e.g. 19T) = Higher torque, less rpm, longer battery life. Slower but easier to drive.

Less Turns (e.g. 12T) = Less torque, more rpm, shorter battery life. Faster but more difficult to drive.

Number of Winds

Besides the number of turns, the number of winds refer to the number of wires wound around the armature. Basic guide:

Single Wind = Most bottom end power. Power is achieved at lower rpms. For short racing tracks with a lot of turns.

Double / Triple / Quad = Less bottom end power. Power is achieved at higher rpms. For long racing tracks with long straights.

Comm Drops

Usually designed to increase power in stock motors, and usually increases rpms. But using commutator drops would require frequent motor rebuilding. Use only a few drops before each run, and clean the motor with a high quality motor spray after each run.

Hand versus Machine Wound

The method of wrapping wires around the armature is either done by a machine or a human being.

Hand wound - More precise, more power, more expensive.

Machine wound - Less precise, less power, less expensive.


The typical rc electric motor has 3 poles, with each pole having wires wound around it. If each pole is properly balanced (i.e. same weight), then the armature can rotate smoothly, providing maximum power.

Balancing Armatures

There are two methods used to get a balanced armature. One is by removing material from the armature pole. This method will also reduce the motor's power.

The better method is to apply epoxy to balance the armatures. This is better because it will not affect the magnetic field, and not reduce power.

Heat Sinks

Heat is the major enemy, especially in electric motors. So to get the maximum power it is important to keep your motor as cool as possible. Aluminum heat sinks help dissipate heat and keep your motor cool.

Electric Motor Heat Sink


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