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Hi. RCCarTips.com is a website created by a single person, myself. Started in Jan 2003, I still continue to update it. I'm happy it has been visited so many times, thanks for making this one of the more popular rc cars website on the internet. Below are statistics from 2003 - June 2005.

Update: It is 2010. Site now has over 10million page views. Thanks guys for visiting this website.

Page Views 2,232,862 (over 2 million)
Nitro RC Cars eBook Download 6,892
Newsletter Subscribers 3,580
Number of Newsletters Written Vol 1. Issue 59
Number of Pages 264
Number of Images 426
Top 10 Popular Pages RC Store
Lamborghini Murcielago
RC Monster Trucks
Gas RC Cars
Nissan Skyline
RC Trucks
Nitro RC Cars
Electric RC Cars
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Searches via Google 23,665: lamborghini
22,448: monster+trucks
15,835: lamborghini+murcielago
9,996: rc+cars
7,969: murcielago
4,636: custom+cars
4,626: nissan+350z
1,783: best+cars
1,735: 350z
1,692: customized+cars
Searches via Yahoo 6,669: sports+cars
5,184: mazda+rx8
3,499: rx8
3,016: remote control cars
2,848: gas powered rc cars
2,846: nissan+skyline
2,588: big+trucks
2,335: nitro rc cars
2,119: rc+cars
1,885: nissan+350z
Searches via MSN 2,795: remote control cars
1,152: rc trucks
966: remote control airplanes
876: remote control helicopters
865: remote control boats
856: radio control cars
852: gas powered rc cars
560: gas rc cars
558: nitro rc cars
461: hobby shops
Searches via Alta Vista 331: mazda rx8
178: rx8
174: nissan skyline
164: rc cars
114: big trucks
114: nissan 350z
100: street racing
70: nitro rc cars
65: nitro cars
61: rc car

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