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Yokomo RC MB-4

Yokomo RC MB-4

Yokomo is coming out with a 1/18 scale electric buggy similar
to the Kyosho Half 8 Mini Inferno. So if your a fan of 1/8 gas
buggies, here is an affordable way to enjoy the hobby.

Photo of Yokomo RC
Photo credit: www.yokomousa.com

Below is Masami Hirosaka's take on the Yokomo MB-4.

RTRs are often noted for their ease of use, but this one even
includes batteries for the transmitter. Since the included battery
pack requires charging, a charger is also included. NiCd cells
are used for the battery pack, so electric enthusiasts can easily
use their existing quick charger by changing to a different

Photo of Yokomo MB-4
Photo credit: www.yokomousa.com

Most noticeable during the initial run was how well the
suspension actually works. Designed with an optimized
amount of stroke and damping force, the compact oil-filled
shocks work very well in absorbing the bumps. And because
the double wishbone suspension is very similar to those
found on the larger 1/10th offroad cars, it should work very
well in smoothly following the surface. During this test the car
was run on a dirt offroad track, as well as smooth concrete,
and on both surfaces the car worked extremely well, which
is a good indication of the suspension's performance.

Some of you may have already had a chance to see them at
the Plastic Model & R/C Show in Tokyo, but different tread
pattern tires are already scheduled for release. Many optional
parts are also planned, so customizing it could be alot of fun
as well. Up to this point, the suspension arms have held up
very well through crashes, and overall durability looks to be
very good. The chassis is solid, and shouldn't have any
problem handling additional power.

Source: http://www.yokomousa.com/JA_site/Team%20Yokomo.htm

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