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Tuning Tips for Nitro RC Cars

Tuning Tips for Nitro RC Cars

The best way to learn more about tuning nitro rc cars are to get tips directly from the experts, the fastest drivers, the World Champions. Here are some of the best tuning tips for nitro rc cars as posted on various websites. 

Servos for Nitro RC Cars

"What I've found, I like to use a good high-torque servo, both for steering and for throttle. Usually they're quick enough so you can improve on your driving...they will hold the car’s wheels in that position even if forces from the track are trying to change it."

"The throttle servo to me is more important than the steering servo because of the brakes." - Arturo Carbonell of Team Serpent (www.mytsn.com)

Radio Controller Tuning

"I know a lot of new radios have all kinds of adjustments, inputs, abs, exponential, throttle help, steering help, etc., etc. If you like to play with that stuff, you can try it, but I personally don't use any of those adjustments to improve my driving. Again, all those adjustments are a crutch. You won't learn to improve your driving by using them." - Arturo Carbonell of Team Serpent

Nitro Engine Tuning Tips

"Most importantly, listen to your engines. A lot of people fall into just watching the smoke that comes from the exhaust and tuning the engines that way. This way is ok but if for some reason you use different fuel (with different oil content or mixtures) it becomes much more difficult to make your engines perform consistently from race to race and in different weather conditions from just the sight of smoke. Learn how your engine sounds and responds to your throttle input." - Josh Cyrul (www.teamtrinity.com)

Nitro RC Cars Fuel Tips

"I usually only run 25-30%. I don' t like running over that - the engines weren't originally designed and made for that. They are actually made to run on 16% - that is the EFRA and IFMAR rule!!" - Josh Cyrul

Clutch Tuning

"When the clutch engages too soon it bogs the motor, which hurts acceleration. The motor needs to reach it's power band at the same time the clutch fully engages. A good rule of thumb for clutch adjustment is: if the car moves before you see smoke from the exhaust, your clutch is engaging too soon." - (www.teamtrinity.com)

Hope these tips help you out.

Joel M

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