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Tips For Tuning Touring Cars

Tips for Tuning RC Touring Cars - Faster and Better Handling

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Vol 1, Issue 57        Subscribers: 3,500+        April 16, 2005


* Tips for Tuning Touring Cars from Tamiya
* Suspension Tuning Tips from Serpent
* Pro Secrets - RC Tires



The Tamiya 415 is the current IFMAR Touring Car World
Champion. Below are some tips for tuning touring cars from

Shock Oil
Use heavier oil in hot weather and lighter oil in warm weather. If
your rc touring car is understeering, try lighter oil at the front.

If car is rolling excessively, try using heavier oil at the rear.

Coil Springs
If understeering, use softer springs at the front. If oversteering,
use harder springs at the front.

Shock Position
For high speed tracks, place shock absorbers to a more horizontal
position. For technical tracks, place shock absorber in a more
vertical or upright position.

Front Stabilizer or Anti Roll Bar
This will reduce the side grip of the front end. It will reduce
chassis roll and may result in understeer.

Rear Stabilizer or Anti Roll Bar
This will reduce the side grip of the rear end and reduce chassis



Team Serpent is well known for producing high quality gas or
nitro powered on-road rc cars. Here are some suspension
tuning tips from the Team Serpent website.

Increasing front track-width will result in more understeer, while
decreasing it will result in less understeer and faster steering

In general, more suspension travel (less downstop) makes the
car more responsive but less stable. It is also better on a bumpy

Decreasing the ride-height (lowering the car) gives you more
grip. However, because of changes in suspension geometry and
decreasing ground clearance, there are also negative consequences
to doing this.

In general, more negative camber means increased grip.
Nevertheless, it should always be adjusted such that the front
tires wear flat, while the rear tires should wear slightly conical
to the inside.

Toe-in is used to stabilize the car. In the case of oversteer (the
rear end losing traction before the front), adding extra rear toe-
in may help, but this makes on-power cornering a little more
difficult. If the car is too stable and pushing (understeering),
removing some front toe-in will remedy this. 

Anti-roll bars are used to adjust the car's side- raction. In general,
increasing the hardness of an anti-roll bar on one particular axle
decreases the side-traction of that axle and increases the side-
traction of the other axle. For example, if you make the front
anti-roll bar harder, you decrease the side-traction of the front
and increase the side-traction of the rear. This will result in less
steering (more understeer).

Changing the front anti-roll bar has more effect on turning-in
(entering a turn, decelerating, off-power).

Changing the rear anti-roll bar has more effect on powering-out
(exiting a turn, accelerating, on-power).



If you are going to race on-road rc touring cars with rubber tires,
you will need to budget some money for tires in order to be

For example, a set of tires might be good for only 4 - 5 runs
(20 minutes of run-time) before they start losing grip. Although
the tire may look good on the outside and look far from being
worn out, their grip level is gone.

When racing, ask the fast racers how often they change tires.
You'll be surprised to learn that they probably use new tires
every race day.

If you're on a tight budget, you can try applying oil of wintergreen
to your old tires. Oil of Wintergreen can be bought in drugstores
and will help soften and increase the grip of old rc rubber tires.



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