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RC Car Tips #44

Professional RC Car Tips, Driving Faster, ESC and Motor Turns

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Vol 1, Issue 44        Subscribers: 2,682        June 23, 2004


* Professional RC Car Tips of Brian Kinwald
* Driving Faster
* Electronic Speed Control and Motor Turns
* 15% - 20% Discounts on RC Vehicles



Hi Again,

What better way to drive better and make your rc cars, trucks,
and buggies go faster than to get tips directly from the professionals
and World Champions? 

One way to get these professional rc car tips is to sift thru hundreds
of posts in various rc car forums, looking for tips posted by the
best rc car drivers.

It is time consuming. But I do it, and have posted the best tips
in a single web page format.

For this week, here are some of the best tips of Brian Kinwald,
Trinity Factory Driver and World Champion as quoted from the
Tech Talk forum of Team Trinity's official website.


Here you will find Brian's tips on batteries, building rc cars, setup,
CVD's, noisy gears, piston holes, racing, driving and more. He is
a World Champion driver, so his tips are among the best.

Enjoy and go fast!


P.S. Next week, tuning tips for nitro rc cars and rc nitro driving
tips from one of the best gas rc car racers ever, Arturo Carbonell
of Team Serpent.



I personally think I'm just an average driver, but I can keep up with
some of the very fast drivers in my area. I have also won some
races in the past, in both nitro and electric cars categories.

For newcomers, my most important advice to driving faster is
to simply practice and enjoy practicing.

For example, to improve my driving skills and techniques, I built
a small indoor track in my garage, about 16 feet by 22 feet. I
practice driving with my Kyosho Mini-Z, usually for about 45
minutes, every day if possible.

The Kyosho Mini-Z is great for developing driving skills because
it is relatively cheap, and a single battery charge will last for about
45 minutes. And best is that I can practice whenever I want since
the track is inside my garage.

I noticed that driving the Kyosho Mini-Z has helped improve my
hand-eye coordination, and my reflex has become faster. All this
will help you drive faster, no matter what car you are racing.

Practicing with 1/10 scale electric or nitro cars is good, but can
be expensive. So I recommend practicing with a Kyosho Mini-Z
if you are on a tight budget. And the small size lets you practice
anywhere, no need to go to a local race track.

If you are not familiar with the Kyosho Mini-Z, here is a link:


Have fun practicing.



Here is a reader's email and question of the week.

Q: I'm confused about ESC? I'm currently looking for ESC.
The part that I'm really confused is its motor limit. For example
can a 11turn motor limit ESC can handle a 27 turn motor.
Which is more powerful a motor with more "turns" or with lesser
"turns"? and can you give me Information about ESC's motor limit.

A: 11-turn motor is more powerful than a 27 turn motor. So an
ESC with an 11 turn limit can handle any motors from 11, 12,
13 turns and upwards.

An ESC with a 16 turn limit will burn out if you use an 11 turn



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Remember to have fun!

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