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Vol 1, Issue 43        Subscribers: 2,677        June 16, 2004


* Custom RC Cars
* RC Car Performance Tuning Tip
* Blogger is Online
* Readers Email
* 15% - 20% Discounts on RC Vehicles




There is a new section of the site devoted to custom built, one
of a kind, project rc cars and trucks. And I am not just talking
about custom paint jobs, but more of customized chassis and
unique rc cars.


So if you have your own customized rc car or truck, send photos
and descriptions to joel@rccartips.com, and if it's awesome I
will post it on the website.




A few issues back I was talking about tuning an rc car for racing.
One of the first thing to do when tuning an rc car for speed and
handling is to use the correct set of tires.

Let me repeat, put on the correct set of tires before wasting time
trying to tune the springs, shocks, suspension and what have you.
If you have the wrong set of tires to begin with, no amount of
tuning or driving skill will make you as fast as the top drivers.

For example, I am currently racing in the Tamiya Championship
Series using an old ML02 chassis competing in the M-Chassis

In preparation, I put on Tamiya Type B tires (sticky in hot
weather) in the rear, but made the mistake of using the stock
rubber tires in the front.

The car was understeering in the corners, and I basically spent
a lot of time tuning the suspension and changing driving styles.

Result of Round 1 Race:
Not to good, somewhere in the middle of the pack. I think after
3 A-mains I was in 5th or 6th overall for the day.

So I needed to do drastic changes for Round 2 of the series. First
I installed a faster Airtronics steering servo to give me more steering
response. I also installed red (soft) springs in the front, and white
(hard) springs in the rear to try and reduce the understeer.

But when I was practicing with some of the fast drivers just hours
before the race, my car was still no match. Fortunately, the fast
driver mentioned he was using Type B tires for the rear and front
of the car.

So down I went to the hobby shop, bought Type A tires (sticky
in cooler weather) mainly because there were no Type B tires
available. But still a big improvement.

Result of Round 2 Race:
Did much better. I managed to get two second place finishes in
two of the 3 A-mains. Overall I placed 3rd.

So a basic tire change was all that was needed to transform my
not so good rc car into a contender for the championship.



I have started to update the RC Car Tips blogger. For the Team
Members, you can starting posting your own info. The rc car
blogger is at:




Here is the unedited reader's email of the week. Thank you Amin
and wishing you more success in racing rc cars.

ive just been to my first ever r/c car race...
i went to a race that everyone else had saloon cars but i had a 
buggy...however they allowed me to race as it was verry similar to 
another saloon...
i had 3 races vs peeps that had been racing for years on the track and 
2 out of the three races i won...
the reason i lost the one race is because my A arm fell of...and so i 
lost one of two qualifyings....
the other cars were ALLOT faster than mine but i took ur advice and i 
cornerd dangerously and luckily in the final race and the second 
qualifying i lapped 2nd place in qualifying once and in race 3 times....
thanx for all your help...
amin oskrochi



Here are a couple of discount coupons you can use to get
15 to 20% discounts on rc cars and trucks at an online rc hobby
shop called HobbyTron.

The discount coupon codes are posted here:


Remember to have fun!

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