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Vol 1, Issue 56        Subscribers: 3,313+        February 14, 2005


* RC Car Battery Tips for Racing
* Battery Charging Tips from Top Manufacturers
* Orion vs. Fukuyama 




Now matter what form of electric rc car racing, batteries are very
important in determining whether you win or lose. And it all boils down
to how much you want to win. Charging a battery pack at 6 amps will
give you more power, but battery life will shorten. Charging at 3 amps
is easier on the battery pack, but it might not be enough to give you the
power you need to win races. Here are some battery charging tips from
pro racers as posted on RCTech.net:

Barry Baker
" Charge at 5-5.5 amps with 6 mv cut off on my Reedy Quasar pro
Charger....I try to take care of my batts so they last me awhile for club

Josh Cyrul
I charge my batteries at 6amps for 1/12 and 7 for TC. I discharge them
to .9 per cell (3.6 for 4 cell and 5.4 for 6 cells) @30amps.

Mike Blackstock
"I charge 6-cells 6.0 amps and .02 cut off... 4-cells i charge 5.0 amps
with a .02 cut off... Hope this helps.. I have not tried any of the funky
reflex stuff..."

Brian Kinwald
"Ok, anything you do to increase performance will usually make the
battery deteriorate faster.. like charging at a higher amperage or
discharging before you run. I use a single cell discharger about every
5 runs to equalize the pack...I charge at 6 amps probably too high 5
might be better."

Good luck!




Fukuyama Racing on GP3300 cells
"We have been using a linear 6 amp charge rate with very good results.
But a 5 amp charge will give you a slightly more runtime."

Team Associated
"For 3000 NiMH Batteries. Charge at 4 to 5 amps... Discharge at max
20 amps, then your settings will stay the same for cycling, get the battery
between 2 to 5 minute break before starting the discharge."

Integy on charging 2400 NiCad batteries
"4A is a bit less punchy, 5A seems to be the best balance between top
speed and punch."



Battery matching companies such as Team Orion and Fukuyama Racing
both try to get the most power out of rc car batteries by lowering the
internal resistance (IR) of each cell, thus giving higher voltage and more
punch. Below are their methods:

Orion V-Max
Team Orion V-Max batteries uses a Low Resistance Concept (LRC)
to reduce the internal resistance (IR) of each battery cell, resulting in
more voltage and more punch.

Team Orion also uses Race Discharge Simulation (RDS). This process
tries to simulate the actual battery discharge that occurs under racing
conditions. Compared to constant linear discharge, the RDS method
allows Team Orion to weed out the weaker cells more effectively.

Fukuyama Racing
Fukuyama uses a process called Core Enhancement Technology (C.E.T.)
to lower the internal resistance while giving the highest possible cell
voltage. To quote:

" This process not only fires a precision voltage enhancement boost to
the core cells, but it also analyze its maximum enhancement potential
allowing it to achieve a higher voltage yet retain a stable life expectancy."

"Our cells are charged at 6 amps, discharged at 30 amps with a cutoff
of .90v per cell and run-outs set at 5000 seconds on the latest circuit
revision TurboMatcher 4/35 from Competition Electronics. This method
not only weeds out the bad cells, it also trains the cells to get use to the
higher discharge rate and perform as expected by experienced racers.
Our cells actually get better and better."


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