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RC Car Tips 2004, Mini RC Monster Truck

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Vol 1, Issue 55 Subscribers: 3,177+ December 31, 2004


* RC Car Tips 2004
* 1/20 Scale Mini RC Monster Truck
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It has been a couple of months since I wrote an rc car tips article. This
was because I was lucky enough to land a job as the IT Head for
Deutsche Bank Manila. Exciting but very busy job.

Job has been hectic, and has kept me from writing the weekly r/c tips
and newsletter. But here is another RCCarTips newsletter to end
an exciting 2004.

First, I would like to thank you for visiting www.rccartips.com and
letting your friends know of the site. What started as 50 visitors per
day in 2002, the site is now getting 2,500+ visitors per day. And
newsletter subscribers are at 3,177! I recently had to upgrade my
webhosting from $35/year to $99/year to accommodate the increase
in visitors, but hey it's worth it as long as the site is helping you enjoy
the hobby of rc cars and trucks.

Second, I hope you got the radio controlled car or truck you were
wishing for this Christmas. Have fun!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fun filled New Year!

Joel M.

P.S. Go faster!!!

P.P.S. If you've emailed to me, my apologies if I've not responded.
My email has suddenly been bombarded with spam, and I no longer
have time to sift through them. Sorry about that.



Hong Kong is heaven if you are an rc truck addict. In the Mongkok
area, hobby shops are lined up next to each other. I must have visited
over 10 r/c hobby shops in 1 street alone.

Prices are also good in Hong Kong. There are plenty of good deals
in kits, accessories, and spare parts. Cheap and discounted rc cars
can be as much as 30% cheaper than prices in your local hobby

When I was in Hong Kong for the 2004 Tamiya Asia Cup, I bought
a 1/20 scale, electric powered mini rc monster truck. It had 4 wheel
drive, fully proportional steering, and had an electronic speed control.
Top speed is around 10mph, fast enough for its size.

I have not taken any pictures of it yet, but I did see a similar model
for sale in an online hobby shop in the USA.


It's a very "fun" model, you can run in very tight spaces.



I started building websites in 1997. To date I have around 12 websites
on various topics. If you're curious, here are some of them...

This is actually my wife's website, but I'm the one who did the
design, photos, and site navigation. She supplies the content and
articles, easy for her since she is a writer for a local newspaper.
For women, or for those who want to understand them :)

The rccartips website had too many pages, so I decided to separate
rc trucks into another website. For truck lovers.

Second to rc is my interest in information technology. Here is a website
on various types of topics such as supply chain management, document
management, web hosting, etc. For techies.

I've worked in the banking sector for most of my career. If you want
to learn more about banking technology, then you might pick up an
idea or two at this website.



New hobbyists and kids are important for the continued growth
of the fun hobby of rc. Please feel free to pass this newsletter
along and to mention the website RCCarTips.com.

Thank you in advance for helping promote the hobby.




Hope I was able to help you enjoy the rc hobby via the
RCCartips.com website. If you are looking to buy more rc cars
and trucks, may I suggest you visit the store listed in the page

RC Cars for Sale Online

Disclosure: I do get a referral commission when you buy from
the recommended hobby shop, which helps me continue writing
newsletters and adding more tips to the website. Thanks.

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