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RCCarTips #53

R/C Race Preparation, Winning Tips, R/C Car Weight Loss

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Vol 1, Issue 53        Subscribers: 2,885        September 15, 2004


* R/C Race Preparation for 2004 Asia Cup
* Winning Tips of an International Racer
* R/C Car Weight Loss and Performance




Recently got an email from a reader:

"I'm just a subscriber, but whens the next 1 comin out? i'm dyin
here man!"

This made me realize that I have not written an RCCarTips
newsletter for the past 3 weeks. Sorry about that, the reason is
that I have been very busy focusing on the 2004 Tamiya Asia
Cup. I'll be leaving for Hong Kong on the 23rd and have been
doing a lot of practicing and car setup. In any case, no matter
how well I finish, it does not matter as long as I have done all
I could in terms of preparation and practice.

Anyways hope you enjoy this newsletter.

Joel M.

P.S. In this and next week's newsletter I'll be sharing some r/c
speed tips. And once the 2004 Asia Cup is finished I'll share with
you all the secret tips used by the top drivers.



In preparation for the big race next week, I'm currently practicing
with whom I consider the best rc car driver in my country today.
He is also my teammate, and unfortunately we are competing in the
same category (Tamiya M-Chassis). He has been active in
international racing and has always qualified and ranked high in
the A-Main of world championships and regional competitions.
But for now, we are working together to improve our speed for
the big r/c event.

Here is what we have been doing.

1. We practiced for about 3 hours of actual track time during the
past week.
2. We practice the start of a race (someone does the toot sound
and then we start racing each other.)
3. For 3 laps I take the lead position while my friend tries to
overtake. Then we reverse positions, I try to overtake him.
4. We share information about r/c car setup, what springs, shock
oil, etc and the effect it has on the r/c car.


The track had a difficult layout. Initially we had a hard time, and
hit the barriers often.

But after 3 hours of track time, we now find the track relatively
easy to drive, and rarely hit the barriers.

Key Idea:

The best way to prepare for a race is to practice with someone
else. Practicing alone is good, but not good enough. Practicing
with another r/c car trying to overtake you will help you control
nervousness and improve your performance under pressure.



One key tip I want to share is weight and how important it is to
winning races.

For example, in the 2004 Tamiya Asia Cup, there is a 1200 gram
weight limit in the category I'll be racing. Currently my r/c car
weighs around 1310 grams. 

So if my competitors' rc cars are at 1200 grams and mine is at
1310 grams, what is a mere 110 grams? Will it make much of a

To put 110 grams in perspective, the equivalent of 110 grams is:

3 racing tires mounted on rims


1 fully painted lexan body


3 regular futaba 3003 servos

As you can imagine, my car currently has a big weight disadvantage.
It's as if I'll be racing with the extra weight of 3 racing tires with
wheels. That is a big disadvantage especially in "stock motor"

To remove 110 grams, here is what I can do:

1. Change the Futaba 3003 steering servo with a Futaba 9602
servo. Weight loss of around 7 grams.

2. Replace all stainless steel screws, nuts, hinge pins with lightweight
aluminum parts. Weight loss of around 10 to 20 grams.

3. Change to a smaller and lighter speed control. Weight loss of
around 15 grams.

I have yet to do these things since new lightweight servos and
speed controls cost money. Maybe once I get to Hong Kong I'll
buy these items since it is cheaper to buy r/c cars and parts in
HK hobby shops.



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