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RCCarTips #51

Promoting RC and Equal Level Racing, Improve Speed of Savage SS, Spur Gear and Clutchbells

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Vol 1, Issue 51      Subscribers: 2,886      August 11, 2004


* Promoting RC and Equal Level Racing
* Improve Speed of Savage SS
* Spur Gear and Clutchbell
* RC Clearance Sales - Up to 30% Discounts!


Hi Guys,

For this week's newsletter, I will just pick some of the best 
comments and questions from the readers and subscribers of the
RCCarTips Newsletter. And I will try to answer them as honestly
as I could.

Joel M.



Email from D. Aquino:
First of all, let me express my thanks for this newsletter on
RC which I find informative and which keeps me abreast with
this hobby. I was an active RC'er from 1999 to 2002, mainly in
the electric offroad category, and off and on ever since, having
tried minis 1/24 and 1/18 scale. I really enjoyed racing but when
stock classes were cancelled and only modifieds / open classes
became the norm, I felt that in order to be competitive, you had
to invest in the technology of the day (batts, motors, chargers,
etc.). Don't get me wrong. I am a believer in technological
advances. Its just that I believe that to promote RC and keep
the playing field equal a spec or stock class should exist. Are
there race series in Manila that promote such a class ?
Can you point it out. I'm sure you have influence on the
different hobbyshop sponsored tracks, how about it?

Anyway, just my two cents.

I am currently competing in the Tamiya series in Makati, Park
Square 1 parking lot. We use stock motors, and M-Chassis cars.
Cost is not as expensive as other forms of racing, and is a lot of
fun with the most number of racers.

As for hobby shops, I think they have forgotten to promote the
hobby for beginners. Maybe their focus is to promote modified
racing, where people have to spend a lot on tune up parts just
to be competitive. Maybe not all hobby shops, but the lack of
beginner classes do show the true intention of some hobby shops.
Or maybe there just isn't any interest from beginners to race?


P.S. There are plenty of good hobby shops promoting the hobby
to beginners. My thanks and more power to them.



Email from Smith Chu:
Thanks for your great work and every time I feel happy to read
your email. Just a quick question on how to improve the speed
of my Savage SS as the engine seems to stop when I adjust the
needle a bit larger in clockwise direction. I feel that the Savage
SS can do more more faster and it shouldn't get very hot or stop
too easily. How do I know the car is running at its max. speed?
Any way to solve the 'hot' engine problem?

Hi Smith, hard to say, but when you adjust clockwise, you are
leaning out the engine (less fuel, more air). This will produce
more power, but if too lean, the engine will start to overheat and
lose power.

I think your engine is simply running too lean. Use the spit test,
put some saliva on the heatsink. If it quickly sizzles away, then your
engine is tooooo lean. Turn the needle counterclockwise.

Hope this somewhat helps.




Email from Kamalez:
I have owned the Savage from HPI, i am thinking to change the
spur gear(13t) and clutchbell(52t) existing one installed in the
truck is spur gear 15t and 49t clutchbell. Do i overgearing and
stressing the engine?

Is there any improvement acceleration in speed if i change from
2 clutch to 3 clutch shoe?

Do you mean clutchbell (13t) and spur gear (52t)? This would
give you more acceleration and less top speed as compared to
a 15/49t combination. You will not be overgearing, rather you
will be undergearing.

As for the 2 shoe, 3 shoe clutch question, I'm really not sure if
there will be a noticeable difference. I think the 3 shoe clutch will
be smoother when it engages.

Hope this helps.




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