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Vol 1, Issue 49        Subscribers: 2,776        July 28, 2004


* About RC Car Tips
* Pro Tips of Barry Baker
* Reader's Email - Breaking in Mabuchi 540
* Buying RC Cars Online



Hi there!

It's been 18 months since I started the RCCarTips.com website.
And a lot has happened since then. For one, this is the 49th
issue of the newsletter, with over 2,776 subscribers. I just love
writing about rc cars and will keep up the newsletter as long as
I have something useful or interesting to write about.

The website has also grown to over 240+ pages, enough info
especially for newcomers to the hobby. The site gets around
1,350 visitors everyday.

I also wrote a free ebook called "Secrets of Nitro RC Cars" and
happy to see it has been downloaded over 4,199 times. Hope it
is a helpful guide to nitro rc cars.

Have a nice day.

Joel M.



Here are some helpful tips of Barry Baker as posted on the
RCTech.net forums. Barry Baker is a professional remote control
car team driver. His tips on battery charging, carpet setup, tc3
setup, practicing, radio control setup and the Reedy 2004
Race of Champions.




Q: hello joel, im about to break-in my 540 Mabuchi motor
however it has been used and i am not sure if the method works
on used motors. thank you and please respond asap
amin oskrochi

A: Hi Amin, If it has been used, then there is no need to break-in
the motor. Just try to clean the commutator once in a while
(using an rc motor cleaning stick, which has plastic bristles similar
to a tooth brush). If you cannot find this, use very fine grit (1200)
sandpaper, and rotate the armature while gentle rubbing the
sandpaper against the comm. It may be tricky to get the sandpaper
thru the holes at the sides of the motor can to reach the comm,
but it can be done.

Good luck.


P.S. Secret tip, I have learned that a lot of racers do not even
break-in a Mabuchi motor before racing it. This is because less
brush surface contact with the commutator produces more



Hope I was able to help you enjoy the rc hobby via the
RCCartips.com website. If you are looking to buy more rc cars
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Disclosure: I do get a referral commission when you buy from
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newsletters and adding more tips to the website. Thanks.

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