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Pro Tips of Mike Blackstock

Professional RC Car Tips of Mike Blackstock

Here are some of the best rc car tips from Mike Blackstock, one of the best rc car drivers of all time. These tips were quoted from the forums of RCTech.net website.

"As for advice. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.. Try running different setups as much as you can to learn what the car do's etc."

"rccartips... I usually have my brakes turned way down so that if i do panic and stab them hard it do's not throw my car for a loop.. So in sharp corners at the end of straights i lay on them pretty hard since i have it set in the radio at like 50% or something close to that.. I have never been one that could be smooth on brakes like i am on the throttle.. So i need this crutch to help me."

Car Bodies
"At the preworlds we used the Protoform Mazda 6 and also at the reedy race we used the Mazda 6. I think the two bodies to try and that and maybe the stratus 2.0 from protoform."

"But here is what my testing showed for me. The alpha was the loosest and most consistent entering and mid corner then any other body. The stratus was loose mid corner not so much as entering. And the Mazda turned in like crazy but would not finish the corner. No matter what i did to my car i could not get it to finish the corner. so i went back to the alpha..."

Charging and Discharging
"If you are willing to spend $$$ a Competition Electronics Turbo 35 is the best one right now.. I think there may be some more companies coming out with chargers like these soon.. But i use that."

"I charge 6-cells 6.0 amps and .02 cut off... 4-cells i charge 5.0 amps with a .02 cut off... Hope this helps.. I have not tried any of the funky reflex stuff..."

Coppertone 45
"I put paragon on first then apply coppertone on the surface you put the paragon on only , Right over top of it , Use a fair amount to make sure it covers the paragon then Let it sit your desired amount of time ... usually for me between 15-25 mins then wipe like normal."

"Coppertone 45... I use it because if it is hot out side and the sun is beating down hard paragon has a tendency to dry up rather quickly, So by putting coppertone on the tire after the paragon the tires actually are able to soak without the heat or sun drying it up."

"I run my front diff tighter than my rear diff."

"More droop = more roll = more traction to a point.. less droop less roll =less traction to a point.. It also will change weight transfer .. So it is really a trial and error thing."

"I usually run about 1.5-2 mm of droop in the front and .5-1.5 mm in the rear for carpet."

ESC Profile
"Novak profile.. I have done lot's of testing and 5 has the best feel as far as punch and top end. Pay no attention to the oval tag. The speedo has no idea where it is :-)"

"We play with spurs for getting the motor geared correct. I have also found the biggest spur you can run to get your ratio the more efficient it is also."

"I would stay with 48 pitch.. I recently switched from 64 to 48 for outdoors.. I like it a lot better.. less hurting spur gears and easier to get a good mesh and not as easy to strip. Plus if you get dirt etc it do's not effect as much.. Only downside there is not a lot of room to play with ratio's as with 64 pitch.. But that is something i do not think you need to worry about."

"I have been running 10 turns the last few weeks preparing for the nat's.. I like the doubles better. Seem to be a little more efficient with good top and bottom end.. I am running the springs bent a little stiffer with 18-24 deg of timing.. 766 brush"

Motor Brush and Springs
"I ran 767's with a hole in the brush. Never played that much with two different brush's. I also ran the stock springs Bent past 180 so basically like purples or stiffer. If i run one lighter it is always the neg."

Motor Timing
"Yea bigger tracks less timing a little more gear , I get scared with a lot of timing of having a meltdown :-("

Novak Discharge Tray
"The new Novak discharge tray.. It works awesome . I usually tray them before and after i run them.. I do the .9 per cell on the tray.. I like it the best so far and the batt's seem to stay consistent... I do this for both touring and 1/12th scale."

"I really like it.. I think my battery's have been way more consistent now and to be honest they are not losing the runtime that they once did.. I was losing 40-60 seconds with a new pack.. Now i am losing about 10 -15 with a increase in volts."

"Yea i am using a turbo 35 to test my packs and some of the older one's not using the tray i was losing that amount of time . Then i got some new packs that have been used on the tray and they are staying real strong."

Racing Career
"The first and most important thing is practice, The more the better.. Then after that learn your cars. What i mean is to try different setups all the time and learn what change do's what . With doing this and the practice you will go far, Just do not get frustrated and think positive all the time... This is as much a mental sport as anything."

RC Job
"AS far as the job in r/c racing.. Well to be honest the thing you need to do is get noticed. Once there then try and prove your self either in racing or design which ever way makes you happy.. Just keep practicing and go to some of the bigger races .... I am one of the lucky one's in this industry."

"I use the KO pds2343 Servo. It is the best i have ever driven."

"I always limit my steering by dualrate.. I set my car up with max steering then back off from there. I usually will run anywhere between 80-95% dual rate at race's."

Tire Additive
"I usually sauce anywhere from half to all the way to the orange... Mostly all the way to the orange to be consistent... I always sauce the rears full.. Never have tried anything but that ... I think you might not be able to be as consistent as you would with a full sauced rear."

"I let my tires sit till the heat before then i wipe them to were they are somewhat dry . Then i have someone scrub them in to finish them off."

"I used paragon Ground effects for traction at all the race's that allow the use of it ."

"As for the free transmission.. Two tips.. First one is to get the newest transmission case's they have been adjusted to be perfect with no dremeling required... you might have to use two shims on the diffs now though. Then spray out all the bearing's remove one or two seals and apply a light oil to them and you are ready. Just make sure everything is free piece by piece and do not overtighten anything."

"As for tweak . I set ride heights then set the tweak on the track. Then after i get it where i think it is correct. Then i will set it on a tweak board and see where it is then go back to that setting before each run."

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