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Pro Tips of Josh Cyrul

Professional RC Car Tips of Josh Cyrul

Tips of Josh Cyrul as quoted from the forums of RCTech.net website. Josh is one of the fastest rc car drivers in the hobby. His tips on 35 amp battery packs, anti squat, peak detect charging, digital servos, foam tires, free drivetrain, nitro content of fuel, racing tips, radio controllers, rims, servos, tire traction compounds and touring car setup.

35 Amp Battery Packs
"I like the 35 amp packs especially in sedan and and form of stock racing. They usually have more punch in stock but in mod there is a very noticeable difference. For the carpet nats they sent packs that were done at 30 instead of the 35 like we had been running since the beginning of the year. While the packs tested the same and ran good on the track - the ones that were matched at 35 did have more power and it equaled about 2-3 seconds of improvement on a 5 min run.... In 1/12 mod it's a toss up since running a consistent pace is always the best, but in that case I still used the 35 amp packs but just charged them softer (5 amps) to get that more level voltage for the 8 minute run."

Anti Squat
I usually run flat - no anti-dive or anti squat. In the rear - more anti squat usually gives you more steering off-throttle and more rear bite on-throttle. Pro-squat gives less steering off-throttle and more steering on-throttle. It can be deceiving though - Anti-squat will make the car feel smoother on the first initial steering input where Pro-squat will make the car react faster..... I know it applies to TC's... I'm not sure about off-road.

Charging and Peak Detect
I use .02-.03 for my peak detect. If you take good care of your packs you can run them for months at top performance.

Sorry about that - I charge my batteries at 6amps for 1/12 and 7 for TC. I discharge them to .9 per cell (3.6 for 4 cell and 5.4 for 6 cells) @30amps.

Digital Servos
It depends on your radio system. If you have the newer high response type I would definitely use the digitals - these new systems were developed with the digital servos. If you have an old system (pre-Mars-R) then I would stick with the analog type.

Foam Tires
Last year I ran TRC Cyan fronts and TRC Tan rears. This year I am 99% sure I will be on Jaco Double Pink/Orange fronts and Jaco Double Pink rears. These tires have been by far the best tires I have tried this year!!

Free Drivetrain
Q:  When you free up the drive train of your xray, do you cut every other tooth out on both front & rear pulley or just front? Also, do you cut the teeth out of belt too? I also saw that you extended the steering knuckles where steering linkage connects to, what does that do?

A: I just cut every other off of my front pulley. I DIDN"T CUT THE BELT!!! The extensions on my steering are actually pieces of the "foam tire" front shock tower cut off to fit. It gives the car less Ackerman - more high speed steering..

Nitro Content of Fuel
I usually only run 25-30%. I don' t like running over that - the engines weren't originally designed and made for that. They are actually made to run on 16% - that is the EFRA and IFMAR rule!!

Racing Tips
Remember, in racing there isn't really a right or wrong way to do anything - which way makes YOU go the fastest is the best way.

Radio Controllers
KO and Airtronics have lead the way with the radios simply because of feel - Quicker response and just a much better feel. I know it's why I race for KO and more and more people have switched to it lately. We still race 1/12 and the TC's have come along quite a bit - they aren't as bad to drive as you think!!

Rims, usually soft if I need traction - hard if I need to take traction away....

"Prefer the higher torque in my gas cars. I used to always choose the speed for the steering but after I tested a few different servos I then opted for the high torque as I liked the feel - less twitchy off center but it did seem to have more steering in the higher speed (higher load) corners. I'm not sure what Ralph uses."

"I use the new KO servos - 2344 - lots of torque and plenty fast enough for gas racing!!"

Tire Traction Compound
I'm not a big rubber tire person but I would say that most of it depends on the track and temperatures that you race under. As far as I know the best additive has been Paragon (not the ground effects but their other type). In some cases (especially on asphalt or high temps) no tire traction is needed!! 

Touring Car Setup
I run Asc 30wt in the rear and Asc 50wt in the front with the standard pistons (4 holes)!! Usually, softer set-ups are easier to drive and are more consistent. You have to remember - it is a TC and not a pan car - it is going to have some body roll.

T-plate vs Pivot
T-plate cars have always been more consistent. I think they also generate more forward traction. I think this is why you see a lot of guys go fast in stock with pivot cars but most mod guys use t-bar cars... Stock doesn't need the forward bite, it just needs to be free and carry corner speed.

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