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Pro Tips of Brian Kinwald

Professional Tips of Brian Kinwald

What better way to drive better and make your rc cars, trucks, and buggies go faster than to get tips directly from the professionals and World Champions? 

Here are some of the best speed tips from Brian Kinwald, Trinity Factory Driver and World Champion as posted on the Tech Talk forum of Team Trinity's official website.

"Ok, anything you do to increase performance will usually make the battery deteriorate faster.. like charging at a higher amperage or discharging before you run. I use a single cell discharger about every 5 runs to equalize the pack...I charge at 6 amps probably too high 5 might be better."

"A few things i do, tap all the holes with a 4-40 tap go about 3/4 length of the screw, it will keep parts from stripping. I also spray out all my bearings and re oil them with light bearing oil. Always make sure all parts are free and nothing binds. That's about it as far as performance, everything else is just for looks....good luck."

Car Setup
"That's a tough one, you kind of have to not concentrate on driving and pay attention to what your car is doing. You ever notice how when you watch someone else's car you can tell what it does or needs. But you cant tell what your own does or needs.....it's tough."

"Try just using bearing oil on the CVD'S, no grease. That's what i do it seems to work better."

Noisy Gears
"Most gears that are hard "efficient" are loud. BK pitch was loud and they were the most efficient gears ever."

"PRS pinions and spurs are by far the best i have ever run."

Piston Holes
"A smaller hole piston will make your car react slower, usually giving you more traction but it will probably do everything else worse. It is something you have to try for yourself to if you like it."

Racing and Driving
"Usually you don't remember what happened when you are at your best. It has only happened to me a few times........in the zone. No there was never a race i knew i would win...LOL"

Racing and Money
"Hey guys it's not always about money, trust me i have been offered a lot more to run ****. You run the best. If someone wants to pay you to run it ..then great. or you could just be bored and want a change , some times a change gets you fired up to do good or try harder?"

Universal Drive Shafts
"Ok here is the deal with the universals. They are not "new" actually they are really old, sometimes they work better than "CVD'S" so Losi just wanted to give everyone the option to run them if they want."

"Weight in the ft [front] will usually give you more on power steering
but your car will change direction slower...and yes it is legal you can make your car as heavy as you want."

Hope these tips help you out.

Joel M

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