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Barry Baker R/C Car RacerHere are some helpful tips of Barry Baker as posted on the RCTech.net forums. Barry Baker is a professional remote control car team driver. His tips on brushless motors, battery charging, carpet setup, tc3 setup, practicing, radio control setup and the Reedy 2004 Race of Champions.

Team Checkpoint Brushless Motors
17.5......Start around 5.25 and go from there. 13.5......I would start about 6.5. Both motors advance timing...1 line up from center. Make sure to temp the motors...with a fan you can run them up to around 150-160....without a fan I wouldnt get them hotter the 175-180...thats for 13.5....17.5 should stay much cooler.

Hot Bodies Cyclone
"6mm wide hexes, this was to make the car drive easier and it made it way more stable." 

NiMH Battery Charging
Charge at 5-5.5 amps with 6 mv cut off on my Reedy Quasar pro Charger....I try to take care of my batts so they last me awhile for club races.. at Major races they give me new ones then I have to give them back after the race so they can take care of them for the next big one.

Carpet Setup
For Carpet I use 70wt. oil in the front with #3 pistons and yellow springs.....50wt oil #3 and purple springs in the rear....with Jaco purple/orange front tires and purple rears...

With rubber tires I used 40 wt #2 pistons front and rear with the take off cs 27 pre assembled tires...

How Much Practice?
I try to practice as much as I can. I practice even much more like 6 or 7 days a week when it comes to Nationals and worlds.

All I can say to people is that practice helps so much, try many different things on your car so you know what each change will do. And race as much as you can because there is no better practice then racing with other people on the track trying to catch you.

Radio Control Setup for TC3
I use Airtronics (sanwa) radio with airtronics 94452 servo and LRP Phaser receiver and LRP quantum comp speedo.

Throttle and Steering Servo Setup
I use expo every once in a while when the bite is very high...other than that I usually leave it at 0...the question on Dual Rate I normally am at full throw all the time but I do know that Mark Pavides turns his dual rate down or up to turn his car sometimes.

2004 Reedy Race of Champions
This is the way I set up the TQ's motor (EJ Evans).......

Reedy 766 brushes......on the positive side it was a plus cut (vertical and horizontal)......on the negative side just a vertical slot (polarity brushes I call them...plus and minus)...Blackstock and I came up with this set up at the Novak race....

Reedy copper head springs bent to 180 degrees both sides works the best...

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