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Pitshop Race of Champions 2004

RC Car Racing - Pitshop Race of Champions 2004

Racing rc cars is both exciting and fun. Imaging racing side by side with 10 other people... passing, pit stops, and even crashing. Here is a race event called the Pitshop Race of Champions 2004.

RC Racers in the Pit

RC Car Categories and Speed Tips

The event raced the following: 1/10 nitro touring (foam tires), 1/10 nitro touring (rubber tires), 1/10 electric touring stock, and 1/10 electric touring modified.

Personally, I was racing in the 1/10 nitro touring (rubber tires) class. Looking around the pit I noticed that one of the fastest driver of the event was using a Hudy tire truer to true both foam and rubber tires. Perfectly round tires makes rc cars go faster and handle better.

I also noticed that the top drivers are simply able to control the jitters (i.e. nervousness) on the drivers stand and are able to drive to the full potential of their rc car.

For me, since this was my first race since 1999, I noticed my hands were shaking a lot during my first qualifying session. I guess even after 26 years in the hobby I still get excited.

With the "shakes" I was probably driving only 80% the potential of my nitro rc car. Yet luckily I still managed to qualify first in my heat.

Nitro Engine Tuning Tip: As a sidebar, in the first 5 minutes of the heat my nitro engine consumed about 3/4 of a fuel tank, which is just about right. But strangely, after pitting, the engine only consumed 1/4 tank of fuel for the remaining 5 minutes of the heat. Obviously the engine was now too lean.

So before my second qualifying heat, I changed the carburetor setting to be more rich. However, during the second heat, my OS CV nitro engine died after only 3 minutes. It overheated, and I decided to just let it cool rather than trying to restart.

Fortunately my first qualifying time was fast enough to secure a 4th starting position in the A-main. I was happy with this, considering I was using a cheap old nitro car (1/10 Neo Nitro Touring) racing against newer cars (e.g. Mugen, Nitro TC3s, Serpents). I was also using 10% nitro fuel I bought way back in 2000.

In preparation for the A-main I took drastic measures to tune my engine. For the low end needle setting, I opened it up by half a turn (180 degrees counterclockwise). For the high end setting, I also open it 180 degrees counterclockwise.

Tested on the track, the engine felt strong, fuel consumption was ok, and the engine was not too hot. I was ready for the A-main.

Sadly, the rains came before any official racing could start. O well, there is always next year.

Joel M

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