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Step by Step Guide to Building an RC Race Track

Here is a guide on how to build a small indoor rc car race track. The surface used is concrete cement.

Building an RC Track

Here is the guide and photos to building your own remote control track. This example is based on an indoor cement track, 16 feet by 22 feet.

Step 1. Track Preparation

The old surface was chipped by concrete nails to give the new cement a good bite. 

The white stuff is concrete adhesive. This helps the new cement bond to the old cement surface.

Preparing the track surface

Step 2. Concrete Cement

The mixing ratio is 1 bag of concrete cement to 3 bags of sand. These are mixed and water is added to make a mud like mixture. 

Concrete cement mixture

Step 3. Cement Surface

Here is the new cement surface, which is about 2 inches thick. The section in the back of the photo is recently dried cement (whitish color) while the newly applied cement is still dark in color.

Cement Surface

Step 4. Track Grass

To simulate the grassy areas and boundaries of real racing tracks, you can use green floormatts with a grassy texture.

Step 5. Track Layout

Notice the floormatts were cut to create the track layout. Contact rubber cement was used to glue the floormatts to the cement.

Track Layout

Step 6. Finished RC Track

Here is another view of the finished rc track. The 16 feet by 22 feet dimension is big enough to have racing fun with the 1/28 scale Kyosho Mini-Zs and the 1/24 scale Tamiya Tamtech rc cars.

Green garden hose is laid around the outside of the track. It helps absorb collision between the rc car and the concrete cement walls.

Finished RC Track

Hope this tip, building an rc track, will give you ideas to get started on your own race track.

Have fun!

P.S. Remember to water the concrete cement as often as possible to prevent it from cracking, especially in hot weather. Try watering the track at least once a week.


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